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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Colour Run

IMG_7097 (Medium)
The Happiest 5K on the Planet.
In my last running update I mentioned that I'd be taking part in The Color Run thanks to Rebecca and Chevrolet Canada. It was last weekend and was so much fun. Seriously, they aren't kidding when they call it the happiest 5K on the planet.

SH and I showed up bright and early to register and got geared up. We wore the white race shirt, our bibs, and the super stylish sunglasses provided by Chevrolet.

IMG_7086 (Medium)
Before the run.
We met up with Veronica (the contact from GM), Sherrie from Good Karma Baby, and Candace from Life in Pleasantville and made our way to the start. The race started right at 9am, but not everyone was able to start right away. They'd let a pack of people go and then wait for a few minutes to let the next one go. Waiting in line was fun though because there was music blasting, we were being led through chants and cheers and exercises, and free stuff was being thrown out into the crowd.

IMG_7089 (Medium)
A sea of white runners waiting to start.
Finally it was our turn to start. We were right at the back of our pack. SH and I decided to just take it easy: we ran when we wanted to and walked when we wanted to. The race wasn't timed so we spent our time chatting, talking to people around us, and really soaking in the experience.

The first colour station we came to was pink. I was disappointed at how little colour was on me but knew I'd have another few chances. The second was the purple station. SH got covered. People were actually stopping to point at her. We learned after that to keep our eyes and mouths shut while going through the colour stations.

After some more running and walking, and a quick pee break, we came to the yellow station. After that was the orange station. We were now really colourful. I spotted SH's family so we stopped and chatted a bit. Little JH was not happy with how SH looked and actually cried a bit. I know a lot of people brought their kids, but we decided that ours probably wouldn't like it for another couple of years, and after seeing Little JH's reaction to her mom, it was confirmed.

IMG_7105 (Medium)
After the race: covered in colour.
We crossed the finish line and were each given a packet of colour and a snack. We made our way over to the finishers area which had a stage set up with music blasting and a pile of people dancing and throwing colour. Every 15 minutes or so, they would do a countdown and everyone would throw colour into the air. The colour literally blocked out the sunlight while it settled down onto everyone. It was dark and hard to breathe. I'm glad we did it once but I was quite happy to stand back the next time and take a video of the craziness.

IMG_7114 (Medium)
The crazy colour cloud in the finishers area.
It was fun seeing all the white shirts white no more. And fun seeing the neat picture ideas all around us like this one where they all lay on the ground heads together.

IMG_7117 (Medium)
A cute and colourful picture.

I dropped SH off and drove home sitting on a towel. The kids were happy that I was home until they saw me. They said I didn't look like myself and called me "Colour Mommy". I told them they could come with me next year if they wanted. This almost made Little K cry, confirming again that a colour run was not for my kids. Not yet.

The Colour Run was fun and colourful and crazy. It was such a great experience and left me with a smile on my face all day. I'm so glad I got to do it.

GM Canada covered my entry fee and sent me a package of goodies, but did not ask that I write this post. You know I would have anyway.


  1. So fun! We're doing a colour run this fall. I'm bringing the kids though... I hope they're ok!

    1. You can avoid the colour stations if you're worried. There were lots of kids there who seemed to be having fun. Who knows!

  2. Ahhh! So fun!! This is the kind of run I could actually do...especially the walking when you want and chatting part. Haha. Maybe next year.