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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo

IMG_7987 (Medium)

I had a Groupon for Little Ray's Reptile Zoo that was expiring. We decided Monday morning was the perfect time since J had the day off. We've been a few times and the kids really like seeing all the animals so getting them ready to go this morning was a snap.

IMG_7985 (Medium)
A snap... get it?

We got there before it opened and were the only ones there for the first bit. We checked out the turtles and display bugs, the caymens and various snakes. We made our way to the back where the crocodile and alligator tanks are, and spent some time just watching the tortoises.

IMG_7943 (Medium)
Picking at bugs.
IMG_7946 (Medium)

IMG_7947 (Medium)
We got to see the demonstration and got to touch some animals. J was brave and held the tarantula and we all touched a baby caymen and a snake.

IMG_7958 (Medium)
Apparently it's quite soft. I wouldn't know.

IMG_7961 (Medium)
Baby caymen.
IMG_7965 (Medium)
The snake was definitely soft.
We made our way outside (it took two visits before I learned there was an outside.. it's back near the alligators and tortoises) and saw the Canadian and Eurasian linx, a huge owl, and two bald eagles. The pigs were nowhere to be found.

IMG_7971 (Medium)
Pacing back and forth.
We then saw the feeding demonstration and watched a frog with only one eye lick up crickets, marmosets go crazy over more crickets, and a snake snap at a whole chicken. The snake had eaten 2 weeks before so he wasn't very hungry (if they eat well, they can go months and months without eating).
IMG_7978 (Medium)
Marmosets are super cute.

IMG_7984 (Medium)
A python eating a chicken.
It's interesting to see what animals the kids gravitate towards, what scares them, what they get excited about, what they'll touch... it changes every time we're there. Though I think they'll keep a special fondness for the tortoises after we were able to feed them.

IMG_7950 (Medium)
Getting a better view of the alligators.

Little Ray's is a fun place to visit. I learn something every time we go.

{We've been a few times before - once was in February 2013.}

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