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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little K at 2.5

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Mid way through August Little K turned 2.5. Two and a half is a fun age. Lots of questions and fun jokes, but so many tantrums. Little K is still the spunky girl she's always been and is smart and funny and fun to be around. She definitely has a little attitude and lets you know when she's not happy. In fact she would bite (mostly her brother) if she was upset, but that has passed. Now she'll hit and push, which is a little better in my opinion.

Little K just just had the final set of molars break through the gums. The 4 teeth are all making their way up but don't seem to be bothering her. Little K loves loves her baby and babies in general, obsessed actually. She loves brushing her teeth and is good at flossing too. She is showing an interest in the potty, but we aren't pushing her knowing that waiting until Little J was fully ready let him transition to underwear quickly.

Little K loves to wear pink and loves to read. You'll often find her flipping through books, chatting away. She doesn't yet tell stories or know the words from memory, but she explains what the pictures show. She's always interested in the books I'm reading.

Little K loves to dance and run and play. Recently she's started this really cute old man shuffle that makes me smile every times. She loves being naked.

Little K has been working hard with her hands. She can now sign I LOVE YOU properly and can hold up her fingers to show you how old she is and how many minutes are left. She'll hold up two fingers and say "M'I'm two!".

Little K is a pretty adventurous eater in that she'll try most things. She eats a bigger variety of food than her brother and prefers meat to veggies and carbs at dinner. She doesn't drink a lot of cow's milk except if it's chocolate milk. She loves her water and drinks a lot throughout the day. She still nurses before bed and when she wakes up, and sometimes before her nap.

Little K is a pretty good little talker. She can't always be understood, especially by people who aren't around her often, and sometimes I even have to ask her to repeat herself to get it. But overall I'd say she's pretty good. She says some pretty funny things:
- Last day instead of yesterday
- Is that a nice deal?
- Tup-tup for ketchup and tutumber for cucumber
- I floss/brush all my teeth AHHHH!
- She has a really cute version of "ready or not here I come!"
- Up up and awaaaaayyy.. down down and awaaaayyy!
- (after a bath) I'm all squeaky and dry!
- My do-ed instead of I did

Little K is a decent sleeper. She nurses to sleep at night around 8pm and most nights sleeps right through until between 6:45 and 8am. Napping is hit and miss but she will almost always fall asleep in the car if we're out and about mid-day.

Little K weighs almost 26 pounds and is not-quite 36 inches tall. If that isn't tall and skinny, I don't know what is! She's wearing a size 7 shoe and a size 5 diaper. The size 4 would fit if I'd remember to buy them. She is growing out of some of her 2T stuff.

I'm enjoying being able to sleep through the night most nights and I've noticed my memory is so much better because of it. I also enjoy watching Little K with her brother. I hope they're always best friends.

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