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Monday, September 23, 2013

Little J's 4th birthday

_MG_1486.CR2 (Medium)
Happy Birthday gels that go on the window for every birthday.

Little J's birthday party was almost a week after his actual birthday, but that's what happens when you're out of town on your birthday. As with past years, we invited our friends with kids Little J's age, who have become his friends, but this year he had a special request. Little J wanted to invite both Spiderman and a little boy from his class. His first friend! Our little man is growing up.

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A pack of kids help Little J open his presents.
Not long after everyone arrived we let Little J open his presents. Why not?! The kids all gathered around and helped out and got just as excited as Little J.

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Outside fun.
Then we kicked most everyone outside even if it was a little chilly. The kids had fun running around and playing.

_MG_1441.CR2 (Medium)
Lunch with friends.
We did an easy lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs.

_MG_1452.CR2 (Medium)
Little J and his awesome cake.
And then there was the cake. Sylvia did an awesome job with Little J's Spiderman cake. He loved it and I couldn't believe the details. She's really good so check out her site, Cakeadoodledoo. We're lucky to have such talented friends.

_MG_1465.CR2 (Medium)
A table full of kids enjoying their cake.
Not long after people started leaving.. it was getting close to nap time the sugar crash was coming. It was just neighbour Little A left when J brought out the last gift: a Spiderman costume from Spiderman himself! Little J had wanted to invite Spiderman and we have a friend with a costume but he was busy so instead J wrote Little J a note and gave him his own costume. He loved it!

_MG_1482.CR2 (Medium)
A Spiderman-obsessed little boy.

Little J wanted me to take a picture of his new toys (our friends are very generous).

_MG_1480.CR2 (Medium)
Birthday loot.
I wanted to take a picture of some of the decorations. I am not a big party planner but I was happy with the decorations: our Happy Birthday banner that goes up for all birthdays, red and blue streamers, and a huge spiderweb in the middle of the ceiling. The kids were busy playing with a new crane playdoh toy set.

_MG_1488.CR2 (Medium)
The aftermath.
Later J was outside and Little J insisted he put on his costume to show his dad and that's how we ended up with Spiderman in our car.

IMG_7712 (Medium)
Spiderman driving the race car.

Both kids were pretty exhausted as you can tell from this picture of them barely holding on while reading a book with dad before bed.

_MG_1504.CR2 (Medium)
Is it bedtime yet?

It's safe to say that Little J had a great birthday. Thanks to all our friends for coming and celebrating our little man with us. So far 4 has been pretty good to Little J.

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  1. Ah! We're hosting our first "non-family" birthday this weekend for my daughter who is turning 4. Have to admit I'm a little stressed about structure - this is a nice reminder to keep it simple. Thanks!