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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little J turns 4: Birthday Questionnaire

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My smiley birthday guy.

We were in Toronto last weekend and I'm still playing catch up. I have a bunch of posts to write about our adventures but today I want to share this. 

I started a tradition where I ask the kids these questions on (or near!) their birthdays. I am so looking forward to seeing what they have to say every year and being able to look back on them in the future. Great insight into their little worlds.

Without further ado, here are Little J's answers to the birthday questionnaire.

How old are you? 4!
What's your name? Little J (said his actual name)
Where do you live? Ottawa
What's your favourite colour? Red
What's your favourite food? I like.. I don't know...
Who is your best friend? Little C (said actual name)
What's your favourite game? Oh! Tag!
What's your favourite tv show? Spiderman
What do you want to be when you grow up? Spiderman
What's your favourite animal? Peacock. I don't like peacocks. I like flamingoes.
What's your favourite book? Spiderman book.
Do you have a girlfriend? Teeta (this is a made up girl)
What's your favourite song? Spiderman song
What's your favourite letter? J.

Can you tell what my little man is currently obsessed with? Definitely a certain superhero. And I have no idea where he came up with peacocks and flamingoes. So random!

Love it! Do you have any fun traditions for birthdays or back to school?

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