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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little J at 4

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At 4, Little J is a funny little guy. He is a pretty typical 4 year old, at least I think he is. He wants his independence but clings to me in new situations. He wants to run and play with his friends but fights with them too. He adores his sister but does things all the time to make her mad or sad.

Little J loves to watch tv and read books, he loves going to the train museum and the library, he loves playing on his red car (plasmacar) and riding his Spiderman bike. He's a little obsessed with Spiderman. He still likes to have his nails painted.

Little J went to preschool from January to June and really developed there. He started off crying when I dropped him off, to loving every second of it. He's just started junior kindergarten and the transition went well. He goes only in the afternoons so we spend our mornings like we always have: getting groceries, going out (library, playgroup, playdates, museums..).

Little J started going up and down the stairs with one foot on every stair sometime in the last 6 months or so. He seems so much older when he does that. Little J is also fully potty trained. It might have been a bit later than we expected, but it happened quickly once he was ready and he's had few accidents since.

Little J is pretty picky eater, not very adventurous. He recently started eating cereal with milk in the mornings and I flash back to my childhood.. the sounds. The smells. The kid loves cookie and cake so birthdays are a big deal. He will eat his carbs, then his veggies, then his meat, reluctantly, at dinner. And dinner is almost always a struggle, us constantly reminding him to eat, and often waiting a long time for him to finish.

Little J has always been pretty good at speaking. He's constantly losing the funny way he said things, using the right words. He still messes up verb tenses and some words, but is learning French now that he's in school (thanks to a French teacher he seems to love).

Funny thing he said recently: "Once upon a time there was a girl named mommy who wanted to read books."

The other battle we often have with Little J is getting him to stay in bed at night. He goes to bed around 8pm but is often out of his room a million times. He has started having nightmares, not every night, but pretty often, and has started waking up a bit before 7am. He doesn't ever nap but will still fall asleep in the car on long drives (like to the cottage or Toronto recently).

Little J weighs 34.5 pounds and is 41 inches tall. He is wearing 4T stuff mostly and size 10 or 11 shoe. He's out of diapers.

Little J's answers to his birthday questionnaire give you a good idea of his personality.

{Little J at 3.}

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