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Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of School!

_MG_1402.CR2 (Medium)
Happy boy on the first day of school.

Monday was Little J's first day of school. We're halfway through the first week and so far he is quite enjoying junior kindergarten. He now knows to raise his hand when he wants something and can say three words in French.

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Typical in front of the house photo.

I wrote more about the days and weeks leading up to the first day here and wanted to say that Little J's interview went well. The three of us went in one afternoon last week. There were two other kids there with their parents. It was a chance to meet the teacher and drop off Little J's supplies and extra clothes. He did a craft while I filled in paperwork and got a run down of what his days will look like and how JK works in general.

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All smiles before school!

J had his every-second-week-day-off on Monday so he was able to take the typical first day of school pictures: in front of the house, in front of the car (Little J requested that one), and with mom and sister. Oh my babies.

IMG_7613 (Medium)
Walking hand in hand.
Little J only goes in the afternoons so we had a regular Monday morning (went to Costco) and had lunch. We got Little J ready and talked about riding a bus (Does your school have a bus information session? Ours didn't.) then we all walked to the bus stop.

IMG_7614 (Medium)
Sibling love!

The stop wasn't where we thought it was but we had a helpful neighbour show us where to go. Before the bus came we all gave Little J hugs and when the bus came? He ran right on (after I confirmed with the driver that he was going to the right school because the numbers on the sign didn't match the numbers I was given - stress!)

IMG_7615 (Medium)
No looking back!
The three of us stood there for a moment in disbelief as the bus rumbled away. Then we did the only thing that made sense: we went home. J kept himself busy with car stuff while I tried to entertain Little K who was obviously a little lost without her brother.

IMG_7617 (Medium)
Have you seen that wispy hair??
We were excited when 3:30pm rolled around and we could go to the bus stop. This time it was just across the street from where we thought it would be, and again our helpful neighbour showed us. Good thing too because I had to get on the bus to get Little J.

He seemed a bit stunned but told us about his first day in bursts over the next few hours. He met a boy on the bus, his friend D wasn't there, they didn't sing songs, he didn't ask about show and tell, he liked it.

I was expecting a little boy who was more nervous about school on Tuesday, but it was pretty similar. Wednesday too.

I'm slowly getting a name here and there (and keeping a list!), and learning what kinds of questions to ask to get him talking. Yesterday they celebrated Little J's birthday with cupcakes Little K and I made and they sang him Happy Birthday.

If the past three days are any indication, I'm going to say that Little J is going to love junior kindergarten and is going to do really well. Even if they don't do show and tell or sing songs.

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