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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: The Farm

Oh man, it was almost 2 weeks ago now that we went to the Farm. Time is flying by.

IMG_6352 (Medium)
You don't even have to put the loonie in to ride the horse.

It was a last minute decision to take the kids and we were lucky that our neighbours were home and could come too. Little J just loves Little A.

IMG_6339 (Medium)
Checking out the cows.

The kids insisted we bring the stroller and then they both sat in it. That was heavy! Little J hasn't been in the stroller pretty much all year, opting instead to ride his bike. Pushing around 60 pounds of toddler plus the weight of the stroller was a good arm workout.

IMG_6331 (Medium)
We saw chickens - the kids were so excited! They haven't been out the last couple of times we've been so this was a big deal.

IMG_6336 (Medium)
Baby pigs.
Then we checked out the pigs and cows, but the big fun this trip was the energy park. The kids loved playing with the water things and the solar panel chair.

IMG_6341 (Medium)
Pumping water in the energy park.

IMG_6343 (Medium)
Capturing the light using a solar panel.
But the best part is the park. It has a great play structure and fun little things too - the wooden train, the rocking horse and cow. This trip there was a little boy though, a little boy who growled. He'd stand at the top and growl at the kids trying to climb up, scaring them away. He'd chase kids around, growling the whole time. He'd throw sand and scream.

At one point Little J did what we told him to do, he said he didn't like the growling and asked the little boy to stop. Of course that didn't work, but it made his adult (grandma I think) realize that maybe she should step in.

IMG_6347 (Medium)
Part of the park at the farm.
The super awesome part? Little J is doing a lot of growling now when he's playing around outside. Good times.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time!
    A few years ago, when my kids were younger, we went to the PNE in Vancouver and they did not go on any rides - they just wanted to see the animals in the farm exhibition!

  2. :) I love that spiderman hat! Cameron has the exact same one!

  3. That looks like a super-fun outing! So much great stuff to see!

  4. that looks like a place my kids would absolutely LOVE. heck, I would love it too. and isn't it always up to them about riding in the stroller? You think they won't want to and they do. You want them to and they don't. whatev. glad you guys had a good outing :)

  5. Oh, awesome that he picked that up. ;) This looks like such a fun place! We have a farm like this too, and the kids love it.

  6. Here in the south we love going to the local farms too. The kids love it! Looks like your kids did too.