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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Best friends

IMG_6682 (Medium)
The best rainbow ever.
I was going through my pictures this week, wondering what I'd write about today. I kept seeing pictures of Little J and Little K together, not a strange sight around here at all, considering the three of us are together all day every day.

But there are some really great pictures that show just how close they are. They really are best friends and I hope they're always close.

They are constantly making up games. This morning they were taking their puppies for a trip: a few subway stops and then the train.

IMG_6578 (Medium)
Waiting for the subway.
We did our usual pet store, Costco, lunch run and here they are jumping down the hallway at the pet store.

IMG_6674 (Medium)
Action shot!

We parked beside an Escalade. The tires were almost as big as Little K.

IMG_6673 (Medium)
Rollin on dubs.

I've been slowly collecting all the things Little J needs for school. All that was left was a backpack. And you can't just get something for one kid so Little K got one too. They are in love.

IMG_6609 (Medium)

We were outside and the kids were running around with some neighbours, about 6 of them. One of the moms stopped them all to take a picture. These guys ran away. No group shots apparently because they were fine with me taking their picture.

IMG_6605 (Medium)
Mamarazzi attack!

Dad was off racing the car so we had dinner at McDonalds. The kids were so well behaved all night for me and played really well at the playplace. But even better, left when I said it was time.

IMG_6597 (Medium)

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  1. What great photos! I love taking pictures of my boys together - I hope they will always share a close bond. Looks like it was a wonderful day!

  2. Aw, they are so sweet together! That's how my girls are. I wonder how your little miss will do when big brother goes to school. I hope she enjoys the time with you all to herself!

  3. I love when things go that way. You say go they say okay. So great :) They look like they're awfully close. My middle two are just that way as well. It makes my heart swell. xx