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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Back to school for the first time

I know I haven't talked about it much here, but Little J is starting school next month. School! My little man. Unbelievable.

Back in January we had to register him and we chose the English public school in our neighbourhood. I realize choosing the school our kids go to isn't always an easy decision and I wrote about it over at Ottawa Mommy Club. Thankfully for us it wasn't a tough decision.

J and I attended an information night and were introduced to the vice principal and all 3 kindergarten teachers. We got to see the classrooms with the small tables and chairs and walk through the hallways with the hooks and the artwork. I can so picture Little J in school.

I wrote a bit more about the process already, but basically Little J has an interview next week (NEXT WEEK?!) and then he goes to school on Monday, September 9th (as a brand new 4-year-old) with half the kids in his class. The next day all the kids will be there and he will be officially a kindergartner.

We've been talking a lot about school around here this summer. It's obvious Little J is missing preschool and he often asks me what craft we're doing or who we're going to see. I'm not super organized or all that crafty so I've been filling our time getting ready for school.

We were given a list of supplies (suggested supplies, not required, but suggested) so we gathered everything on the list. I let Little J pick out a backpack he loves. And of course Little K had to get one too.

IMG_6611 (Medium)
Of course they wanted character backpacks.
Little J didn't like preschool at first, but he grew to love it, and I think it'll be the same with school. I'm hoping that he transitions faster than the couple of weeks it took for preschool, but going every day will definitely help.

IMG_7134 (Medium)
What a kindergartner needs for school.

He's very excited about his new school supplies and that a friend from preschool will be in his class. I'm excited he'll be off learning new things and making new friends. He's ready for school and I'm ready too. At least I think I am!


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  1. Isn't school supply shopping so fun? I love it. I love the smell of those supplies. Weird maybe. And the backpacks as big as them! They are too cute. Crazy when they first go off to school, I know. It's fun/happy/sad/scary/exciting/new/just allthefeelings. He'll do great. xx

    1. It took years for me to get used to NOT going back to school, and yes! I so missed getting new supplies so this is pretty awesome!

  2. Ahh! We don't have interviews here, so it'll be interesting to her how the process goes for you. I bet he's going to love kindergarten, and little miss will miss him!

    1. I don't know if interviews is a typical thing but it sounds like a nice way to introduce the kids to school.