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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ride the train

IMG_6308 (Medium)
The train: a steam locomotive pulling vintage rail cars.
This summer at the Science and Tech museum, or the train museum as we call it, you can ride on an actual train. It's a steam locomotive pulling two vintage rail cars on an out and back trip, narrated by volunteers and museum staff. It cost an extra $2 but was totally worth it: the kids loved it!

We bought our tickets when we got to the museum and went to check out the trains inside, our favourite part. We went outside to the station a few minutes before the first ride at 11am. I didn't expect it to be so busy and we actually missed the first trip, but we made it on the second. I handed over our tickets.

IMG_6305 (Medium)
The train station.
The kids are painfully shy and getting them both on the train wasn't the easiest thing I've done. Little K was in my arms and Little J would not accept help up the big step from the platform to the train so I had to help him while not dropping his sister. We got on and found our seats in the back car.

IMG_6311 (Medium)
All aboard!
On the ten-minute trip we were told all sorts of things about trains and these cars in particular. Unfortunately my memory is horrible and the kids were too busy being amazed at being on a train to care much.

IMG_6320 (Medium)
Just some hugs post-train ride.

The trip was over in no time, and we left the train. I tried to get the kids to stand in front of the trains for a picture but this is the best I could get.

For $4 (Little K was free) it was so worth it. The kids have loved trains forever and couldn't have been happier than when they were finally sitting on one. Definitely one of the highlights of the summer.

IMG_6304 (Medium)
The train and station.

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