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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Open house at the race track

Like I mentioned yesterday, last Friday we went up to the race track because they were having an open house. J was very excited to show us the track and we were sure the kids would love seeing all the fancy cars.

IMG_6741 (Medium)
Looking down from the top.
On our way to the track we stopped at Burnstown Beach that had the tallest play structure I'd ever seen. We spent the entire time at the play structure instead of in the water, but that's okay. Whatever makes the kids happy.

2013-08-16 14.50.24 (Medium)
Seriously tall.
Also, "family walks" make the kids happy. 

IMG_6747 (Medium)
Walking in a line.
Calabogie Motorsports Park is where J takes the Miata for lapping days. He's been a handful of times this year and plans on going a couple more at least. He really likes racing the car and is pretty good at it. The kids can't wait until they're old enough to ride along and always say that they're going to race cars when they're older.

_MG_1182.CR2 (Medium)
Checking out the fancy cars.
We met up with our friend L and her son Little R. We checked out the fancy cars and watched some fast cars on the track from an elevated deck area.

IMG_6757 (Medium)
Clapping for the cars racing by.
We stopped for freezies and had an early dinner and then hopped in our cars for the main event.

_MG_1190.CR2 (Medium)
Freezie love.
This open house was a chance to get the kids on the track. There was what is called a parade lap, where they send out a bunch of cars all at once and you go around the track nowhere near as fast as the race cars do. I think we got up to about 100km/h (60mph). We were right behind a pace car so there were flashing lights in front of us the whole time. The kids just loved it.

IMG_6764 (Medium)
Little J's big grin.
J had set up our GoPro camera (a fancy camera he uses for racing and snowboarding and stuff) inside the car looking back at the kids. It's a cute video - watching them as we went around the track. You see the big goofy smile on Little J's face and Little K get really nervous and frantically demand we close her window.

IMG_6765 (Medium)
Little K's big grin.
After the parade lap we left the track and went out for pizza followed by an ice cream cone in the parking lot. The kids had a great time together.

_MG_1202.CR2 (Medium)
Sharing an ice cream.

It was a great outing and I'm glad the track put on an open house because the chances of me going around the track at a lapping day are pretty slim. This way I was able to enjoy it with the kids and J got to show us a piece of his world that we normally only hear about.

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