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Monday, August 19, 2013

Living it up this summer

We just had the best summer weekend. It was full of family and friends, parties and cottaging, and racing the car. What more could you ask for?

I need some time to write up posts for everything but for now I wanted to give you a little glimpse, a preview if you will.

J took the day off work Friday so we could drive about an hour out of town to go to the race track. This is where he races the Miata (the 2-seater, non-family car we bought for that purpose). The track had an open house and J was excited to show us everything. We even got to drive around the track and go super fast! The kids loved it.

IMG_6766 (Medium)
On the race track at Calabogie.

On Saturday we had a birthday party in the morning and that was it, but our day morphed into a full, fun day. The birthday party was fun - cake, presents, kids, lunch, toys - and we were able to stick around after everyone else had left and just hang out with our friends. The kids play well together (half the time it's more like they play near each other, but the other half they're playing with each other) and we liked the extra time to chat.

IMG_6791 (Medium)
Little K and the birthday girl.

On our way home from the birthday party we decided to check out A Taste of Manotick, which was a summer festival of sorts where the main street in the little town is closed to cars and the businesses along that street give out samples. There was music and balloons and a fire truck. We met up with J's parents and had dinner and then enjoyed the beautiful weather and danced in the street, literally. We ran into a lot of friends and even got to see brand new Baby W. It was so nice.

IMG_6821 (Medium)
A balloon fight in the street.

Sunday morning we packed up the kids and headed out of town again but this time for a family cottage party. Not all of the family could make it out so it was low key but nice and relaxing. The kids got to spend time with Baby L, my cousin's 8-month old daughter (who we decided was their 3rd cousin.. or something), and we all went out on the boat and swimming in the lake. We had a nice lunch and promised we'd see each other more often.

IMG_6836 (Medium)
Little K, Little J, and Baby L.

We were home just in time for dinner, which we ate out on the deck, and then J's parents came over so J could help with their car. I was able to get all sorts of things done while J's mom played and read with the kids. That hour or so was enough that I felt like I could relax and watch a movie after the kids had gone to bed.

It was such a great weekend, one of the last of the summer, and makes me want to do and see so many things before Little J heads off to school in September. Today was the typical tough Monday-after-a-long-weekend, but worth it. So worth it.

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