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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little girl birthday party

Our friends A&S have two little girls who both have birthdays around now. Their Little J turned 3 last month and Little E just turned 1 so they had a party on Saturday. Little J and Little K couldn't wait to see their friends, and, let's be honest, have some cake!

We were running late Saturday morning which was completely my fault, but we got to the party and enjoyed all the party things. One of the cutest moments was when A brought out the cake and little kids in party hats swarmed him and sang Happy Birthday to Little E.

IMG_6781 (Medium)
Kids love cake!

SH makes beautiful cakes, beautiful and yummy. The kids were quite happy with their cake, especially because it was before lunch.

IMG_6784 (Medium)
Digging in.

Little K loves babies and is quite enamored with Little E. She wanted to be right beside her the whole party.

IMG_6791 (Medium)
Poor Little E just can't get a moment to herself.

And the poor thing couldn't even have a snack without my two all over her.

IMG_6795 (Medium)
Little K and Little J loving on Little E.

A&S told us we could stay and hang out after everyone else had left. It was so nice getting that extra time with them. The kids happily played with the girls' new loot.

IMG_6799 (Medium)
Checking out all the birthday gifts.

And then decorated the new deck with chalk. The last adventure was setting up a huge track and fighting over trains.

IMG_6813 (Medium)
A is smiling even though his new deck is being coloured.

Happy birthday Little E!

IMG_6806 (Medium)
Such a cutie.

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