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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family cottage party

I still have to tell you about our annual family cottage party. It was two weekends ago now. It used to be an annual celebration with my entire family, but this year's gathering was much smaller. Small but still fun.

We packed the kids up Sunday morning and made the hour long drive out to cottage country. We were greeted by my aunt and uncle who own the cottage, and not long after my two cousins and their spouses arrived, along with Baby L and two dogs.

Baby L was the main attraction for Little J and Little K. She's my cousin's 8-month-old daughter and is super chubby and happy with big blue eyes. The kids were hugging and kissing her, patting her head, saying how much they loved her. It was so cute.

We did all sorts of cottage thing: went for a boat ride, splashed at the sandy beach area, swam off the dock, played horseshoes, and had a big lunch. It was really nice.And now the pictures.

IMG_6832 (Medium)
Little J absolutely adores Baby L.

IMG_6835 (Medium)
The little sandy beach.

IMG_6838 (Medium)
I just love how Little K crossed her arms while on J's shoulders.

IMG_6842 (Medium)
Watching the kids play horseshoes was pretty funny.

IMG_6846 (Medium)
Babies in a hammock!

IMG_6848 (Medium)
Just a little paddleboating.

IMG_6849 (Medium)
Me and my baby girl in the chilly water.

IMG_6851 (Medium)
Warming up after swimming.

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