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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Taste of Manotick

A Taste of Manotick was a fun little festival where the main street was closed to cars and businesses along that road were out offering samples and freebies. I'm so glad we were able to check it out.

We were on our way home from the birthday party last Saturday when we heard from J's parents that they were checking out the festival. We found a shady parking spot so Little K could continue her nap and Little J and I headed off for adventure.

There were people milling about, music playing, sun shining.. it was perfect. We found J's parents and continued to walk down Main Street. J and Little K joined us not long after and we checked out the fire truck.
IMG_6815 (Medium)
Fire trucks are always popular with the kids.
We found some snacks and free balloons from a florist (I had no idea that Mill Street Florist does kid's birthday parties) and kept walking.

IMG_6818 (Medium)
Balloons and family.
J bought some fancy hot sauce and the kids had fun with their balloons. We ducked into a burger place for dinner and beat the rush.

IMG_6820 (Medium)
Balloon fight!
After dinner we set up shop in front of one of the live music stands. Turns out it was my friend Mel's husband. The music was great and catching up with Tyler after his set was nice too.

IMG_6823 (Medium)
Our friend Tyler playing tunes.
We ran into a bunch of people we knew but the highlight for sure was new baby W. Little K was so open to finally see his face and kept poking her head into the stroller.

IMG_6826 (Medium)
Little K and baby W.
I left the festival feeling so happy and content. It was such a nice afternoon and evening. It isn't often we just stroll as a family and dancing with the kids in the street was a highlight of my summer.

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  1. I love a good festival! Especially all the yummy (although not so good for you) food! :) And that is one cute baby!!