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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Summer vacation at the cottage

Warning: LOTS of pictures in this post. I was going to break it into two posts but I'd rather just get it done.

So we spent a week at the cottage for our summer vacation. J's family tries to get everyone together every year and it's always a good time. This year was especially great because J's sister SJ, who moved away last December, came to town. The kids were so excited to see their aunt.

We had awesome hot weather for the first bunch of days and then the storms rolled in. The wind knocked down lots of trees and we were without power for two big chunks of two days. But during the awesome weather days we swam and fished and played in the sand and went for boat rides.. we did it all.

On the way up and the way back we stopped for lunch at Wendy's and ate on the grass with the hatch open so Sandy the cat could meow at us.

IMG_6241 (Medium)
Picnic lunch with the cat screaming at us the whole time.
There was so much of this: reading books on the couch. I think every adult had to read at least a few times. Here it's SJ's turn.

_MG_1174.CR2 (Medium)
Books with aunt SJ.
One of the last nights we had some wood to burn so we had a fire, roasted marshmallows, and just enjoyed the cooler air.

_MG_1168.CR2 (Medium)
J's close family around the fire.

The kids did pretty well roasting marshmallows. They wanted to make one or two for everyone.

_MG_1166.CR2 (Medium)
Waiting for the fire to get hot enough to roast marshmallows.

The storm rolling in. Literally. There was a wall of dark clouds moving quickly across the sky before the rain started.

IMG_6193 (Medium)
J and the storm.
Storms bring wind and rain, but afterwards the sky is always beautiful. J saw this rainbow while I was off trying to get Little K to bed.

_MG_1151.CR2 (Medium)
Apres-storm rainbow.
Before all that rain, we played on the trampoline. This went much better than last year, when there were more than a few tears shed.

IMG_6218 (Medium)
Bounce-a bounce-a.
I just love this picture of the kids walking with their dad.

IMG_6214 (Medium)
Swimsuit walks with dad.
I'm a sucker for sunsets and unfortunately, this picture does not even come close to what we saw.

_MG_1148.CR2 (Medium)
Just imagine more vivid colours.
Some of J's family rented a cottage nearby, the same one they rented last year. The kids find new things there every time we go. This year was a red sled that fit them perfectly. They sat in there for a long time.

IMG_6199 (Medium)
Like snakes on a plane but kids in a sled.
The rental cottage has yellow siding (and is known as the yellow cottage). It also has a bright white deck that is blinding when the sun is out.

IMG_6190 (Medium)
Little K prancing on the deck.
A few years ago J and I were at the cottage and we saw hundreds of baby catfish, thousands maybe. I'm not a big fan of catfish but there's something about these wee ones that makes me smile every time.

IMG_6187 (Medium)
Baby catfish, whiskers and all.
At the cottage there must be boating. Lots and lots of boating. J took the kids out in the little white boat to look for turtles.

IMG_6183 (Medium)
My fam setting out in the white boat.
Midway through the week was aunt SJ's birthday. The kids had a great time helping put up balloons and decorate the cake. Here they are helping SJ open her presents. Later they ate cake by the fistful.

_MG_1137.CR2 (Medium)
SJ and her little friends.
One night there was some epid sand castle building complete with moat and river to the lake. Little K is a bit of a follower and needed to stand just like her dad in this picture.

_MG_1128.CR2 (Medium)
Like father like daughter.

Little K got a little greasy over the week without a bath and she was sporting some crazy hair.

_MG_1120.CR2 (Medium)
Not always a follower, Little K hams for the camera.
The kids were constantly in the water, even after dinner and being cleaned up, they'd be back in. This time they were playing with their water squirters (best dollar store purchase), aiming at random things in the water and on the beach.

_MG_1114.CR2 (Medium)
Water squirters for the win.
Another great purchase were fishing rods for the kids. They're shorter than regular rods and super easy to use. The kids love them.

IMG_6176 (Medium)
Fishing with JW.
I'm usually the one manning the camera, documenting all the many moments so it's rare to see a picture of myself, but I have to say, I really love this one of me and my little girl.

_MG_1084.CR2 (Medium)
Me and my girl.
Golden Lake has a nice sandy bottom and stays shallow for a long time. J's dad and his brothers and cousin waded out and played frisbee together.

_MG_1074.CR2 (Medium)
Water frisbee.
The rental cottage has a pool and the kids just loved jumping in. They did this over and over and over.

IMG_6148 (Medium)

After swimming, J had to wrap up both kids in the one towel we brought and carry them back to the cottage.

IMG_6161 (Medium)
A big baby burrito.
The rental cottage also has a little town with lots of play houses and a store where both kids were able to pick out one item. Little K chose some sand toys and Little J chose some bouncy balls that smelled like gasoline.

IMG_6134 (Medium)
Wandering around the little town.
Little K napped better than I thought she would. This day we came down to the beach but everyone was out on the boat or swimming so we just hung out.

IMG_6126 (Medium)
Beach baby.
There's lots of wildlife at the cottage and lots of duck families with babies of different sizes. Here is a picture of the mom with the wee-est babies.

_MG_1066.CR2 (Medium)
Duck babies.
Again with the lake frisbee. Thankfully the kids were content to watch from the dock.

IMG_6118 (Medium)
J and the kids on the dock, not getting wet for once.
J brought out the sailboat hoping to take his grandfather for a sail. That didn't happen, but he did get out with the kids.

IMG_1038 (Medium)
Sailing with dad.
Little K just loves her aunt. This was some early morning fishing fun.

IMG_6107 (Medium)
Who wears a pink skirt for fishing?
This picture is what cottage life is all about.

IMG_6106 (Medium)
Kayak on the lake.
The big boat is a great spot to contain the kids. The fish off the side for hours.

IMG_6103 (Medium)
Some boat fishing.
Nothing better than sitting in the water on a hot day.

IMG_6102 (Medium)
Little K and the boys in the water.
Little K was a bit hesitant about getting in the water at first but I was able to convince her. A life jacket and a noodle make things pretty easy.

IMG_6089 (Medium)
Swimming girls.
We used the ladder to get into the water, but if you're J, you jump in like this:

IMG_6087 (Medium)
Typical water entrance by J.
And that was our week in pictures. So much more happened and I hope I always remember the overall feel of the vacation even if I can't remember every moment. We had a great time and it's hard to be back home with all the laundry and less people around to look after the kids. But we're settling back in and planning our next adventure.

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  1. Now I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS of the great time - and what great pics. I'm a sucker for the walking-with-dad pic, but the one of you and the little one on the dock is about the cutest thing ever. I also applaud the fact that no-one was lobster red in any of the pics - I'm definitely guilty of forgetting the sunscreen on more than one occasion this summer *blush*.

    1. I know what you mean - I'm bad at remembering sunscreen when we're home. At the cottage it's not as hard for some reason.

  2. Great photos! I just love cottage country.

  3. That really looks like heaven on earth. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Alison! I was just thinking that I love seeing pictures on your blog because it's so different from where I live.

  4. Looks like the ideal vacation spot! The lake looks gorgeous!

  5. SO many things I want to say about this post! First of all..."like snakes on a plane, but with kids in a sled." BAHAHA! I really did laugh out loud. These pictures are GORGEOUS. I can't imagine being on vacation with no electricity, or huge storms. Eek. Seriously. And my girls would TOTALLY fish in a pink skirt. :D I'm glad you had a great time, at least for the wonderfully hot days!

    1. Thanks Greta! Yeah, nothing wrong with a pink skirt!