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Monday, July 29, 2013

What to expect when interviewing a doula

As I prepare for an interview tonight, it got me thinking.. the idea of a doula is a pretty new thing to many people. Maybe you have no idea how to go about hiring a doula or what to expect when you meet with one.

There are a lot of doulas in Ottawa and a quick search will provide you with many names and websites. You can contact a few and set up interviews. Interviews are normally free and are a chance for you to meet face to face. It's your chance to ask questions and learn about the doula's services, but also to see if you get a good feeling. You don't want someone at your birth that makes you in any way uncomfortable or self conscious.

So what can you expect at an interview? You'll probably get a run down of everything the doula offers from prenatal meetings to labour support and postpartum support. Every doula does things a little differently so it's nice to hear straight from them. And you'll want to find out how much it's going to cost.

The doula will also be looking for a good fit, someone she feels comfortable supporting and who fits into her schedule. Going by estimated due dates, I am currently taking on one client a month. This allows me lots of time with my family, but if this was my full time job and I didn't have kids at home during the day, I could take on as many as 4 or 5.

The doula will want to hear about you and your partner and how your pregnancy is going, and what your plans are (do you have an OB or a midwife, are you taking childbirth education classes, are you planning on a hospital birth or a home birth, etc.) You really want to hire a doula you like and who you feel will support you the best.

You may want someone will lots of experience, but things like personality and cost may play a big part in your decision. The good thing is that having someone, anyone, in the room with you for your entire labour, will benefit you. Having a doula who is knowledgable about birth and who knows you and what you want can have a positive effect on your labour and delivery.

You'll also be able to ask any questions you have. A quick search will help you come up with some things you might want to ask.

I'm looking forward to meeting this couple tonight and hope they're a good fit. Supporting women and their partners through pregnancy and labour is something I really enjoy and feel honoured every time I'm hired.

Did you hire a doula?

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