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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Canada Day weekend at the cottage

This is going to be a picture-heavy post...

We spent the Canada Day long weekend at the cottage. The weekend was full of some bad weather and some nice, boating, fishing, reading, goggles, napping, eating, cake, running, swimming, and sand. Lots of good memories.

IMG_5616 (Medium)
Two sleepin trucks.

IMG_5619 (Medium)
Exploring everything while wearing goggles. Safety first!

IMG_5628 (Medium)
Clearing some leaves.

_MG_0883.CR2 (Medium)
Fishing off the boat.

_MG_0894.CR2 (Medium)
Jumping off the boat.

_MG_0900.CR2 (Medium)
A rare picture of me.

IMG_5687 (Medium)
Morning run wuth Mimi.

_MG_0906.CR2 (Medium)
Sandy the cat.

IMG_5691 (Medium)
Lunch on the boat.

_MG_0909.CR2 (Medium)
Swimming with dad.

IMG_5703 (Medium)
My fam.

_MG_0913.CR2 (Medium)
Roasting marshmallows for the first time.

_MG_0941.CR2 (Medium)
I just love this picture of them roasting marshmallows.

IMG_5716 (Medium)
Jumping off the dock in their pjs. Obviously.
IMG_5722 (Medium)

IMG_5733 (Medium)
Kayak ride.

_MG_0971.CR2 (Medium)
Beach babies. And J.

_MG_0999.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_1014.CR2 (Medium)
My Js.

_MG_1015.CR2 (Medium)
Little K and her Mimi.

_MG_1029.CR2 (Medium)
Celebrating Mimi's birthday.

IMG_5760 (Medium)
Giggles on the couch.


There's more cottage time coming up soon. Ahh summer.

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