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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Birthday party

After spending a couple days at the cottage and the excitement of seeing Thomas, it was time for some birthday party fun. Little A, our next door neighbour and Little J's best friend, was turning 4.

And actually, a few days ago, on her actual birthday, we gave her the presents we got for her. It was really cute: I took the kids to the store and they picked out things they thought Little A would like. They each made her a card and were so excited to wish her a happy birthday and show her what they got.

IMG_5240 (Medium)
The kids giving Little A her present.

That night we went all went out for dinner. The kids sat along one side of the table and had a great time together. Little A was awesome when they had her stand on her chair so they could sing for her. I don't think my kids would have survived that without at least some tears.

IMG_5242 (Medium)
Fun at the restaurant.

The weather was pretty gross Sunday morning and into the afternoon. I was thinking the party was going to be an inside affair - lots of people in a townhouse. Not ideal. But it stopped raining and was nice, and actually pretty hot.

Hot enough for some sprinkler action.

IMG_5382 (Medium)
Even Little K got in on the action.

There were presents, and food and cake.. all great birthday things. Little J and Little K got to sit with Little A at a little table together, which was really nice for them among the chaos of the party.

IMG_5393 (Medium)

And after everyone else left, they got to sit at that same table and play with their loot bags. The Strawberry Shortcake poofs and bubble bath were a huge hit.

IMG_5396 (Medium)
Serious colouring.

I'm starting to think that summer birthdays are pretty awesome.

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  1. Love the kids doing activities.

    I just spent 2 hrs coloring with my toddler. Fun.


  2. Looks like a lot of fun. How my guys love a party!

  3. Summer birthdays are awesome, especially when there's water involved! It looks like you had a great time...I'm glad the weather cleared up for you. And I have to say...that little pink pleated dress? Looks like my absolute favorite dress when I was small....I think I wore it every day for a while. :)