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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Great Canadian Blog Bash

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The Great Canadian Blog Bash (TGCBB) is an online party for Canadian bloggers. I'm excited to take part and find some new and exciting blogs to read.

The bash coincides with Canada Day which is coming up on July 1st. The best Canada Day I can remember was the 125th, or 21 years ago. Hold on a minute while I realize just how old I am and how long ago that was.

It's 1992. I'm 11 years old. Old enough to have some freedom and to be able to stay up easily to watch the fireworks.

My parents are involved in the city's celebrations so my brother and I are free to roam the grounds all day and night. We play games, go on rides, eat junk food, and run around for hours and hours. It's a beautiful day: perfect summer weather.

We settle in for the fireworks, the first ones I can remember, on a big hill with our friends. We ooh and aah with every loud bang, crack, and colourful display. We leave a bit later than most, exhausted but happy.

I remember asking my parents when the next big BIG Canada Day would be. They joked that it was far off, when the country celebrated 150 years. Joke's on me: that's not so far away now.

In just 4 years... I'll be back at work. The kids will be 6 and almost-8 and probably ready for a huge celebration. And I have no doubt it will be HUGE!


If you found this blog through The Great Canadian Blog Bash, hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

I am K and this blog is about me and my life. I'm currently on leave from my job to stay home with my two kids. I like to keep busy by taking the kids out during the day (the park, groceries, the library, the museums, playdates). At night I write, I read, I watch tv, and sometimes run. And I recently started a birth doula business because I'm a bit of a birth junkie. You can read more about me here or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to this post, I have a Canadian giveaway happening right now so be sure to check it out. A big thanks to McKatibel's Boutique for partnering with me.

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  1. Hi. Happy Canada Day
    from smooth rock fals, ontario

  2. Nice to meet you and happy Canada Day from Victoria, BC!

  3. Hi, Great post. A Doula, you say. How interesting.
    Happy Canada Day

    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

  4. Happy Canada Day from Toronto (Muskoka right now, actually)! Midwives managed both of my kids' births, and we had a great experience (well, crazy, but as good as it can be). Great to meet you! ( #tgcbb)

  5. what a great memory!! I love fireworks, one of my kids is scared of them though, hopefully by the 150th he will be over it! Thanks for linking up to #TGCBB this year!!

  6. I loved the firework too! I have fond memories of watching them on my mom and dad's boat on the Ottawa River. It always felt like they were so close!

    Happy Canada Day!

  7. Fireworks are a must for Canada Day and I'm glad both of my girls love them. Thanks for participating in The Great Canadian Blog Bash and we are very happy to have you! #TGCBB

  8. Wow never thought how fantastic the 150 celebrations would be!