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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oliver's Labels - Review and a contest

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The envelope, not the labels.. sorry!

A friend of mine, Sarah, recently started selling Oliver's Labels so I decided to check them out. If you haven't heard of them, Oliver's Labels is a company that makes labels for all your kid's gear. They have iron-on labels for clothes, waterproof ones for sippy cups, foot-shaped ones for shoes, and more. They have a label for everything!

I went to the website and had my kids help pick out some labels. I figure with Little J starting school in the fall, having some labels on hand would be a good idea. I created my own package and chose some original labels, shoe labels, and clothing labels.

I wish I could show you the actual labels but I'm trying to keep some sort of privacy with regards to our names so you'll have to believe me when I say that they are really cute. The kids picked out superheros, skulls, butterflies, and dinosaurs. There are so many designs to choose from and there are packages that help when deciding what kind of labels to get.

I'm eyeing the letter decals for kids' doors and just might get some. I love that they aren't permanent and can be repositioned or taken off completely without ruining the wall. Guess what? You could win an Oliver's Labels Eric Carle™ Wall Letter Decal!

Sarah has a contest going on for the month of June. When you buy any package of $26.99 or more, you'll get one entry. You can earn extra entries a couple ways: when you buy anything from the Eric Carle™ Oliver's Labels line, or if you share Sarah's Facebook group on Twitter or Pinterest (you'll need to email her to let her know you shared: RosesMomsLabels@gmail.com). Be sure to check out the Oliver's Labels website and Sarah's Facebook page.

I think the best part about Oliver's Labels is that if someone finds something you've lost, they can visit the website and enter the code found on the label. With the Found-it tracking system, you'll be notified. I hope to never lose things but there's piece of mind for if we do.

The idea of sending Little J to school with extra clothes and shoes is enough to make me cringe. I hate losing things! I'd love to know if you've used labels for your kid's stuff or if you just hope everything will make its way home eventually. Do tell!

Some fine print for the contest: You must *not* make your purchase identity "private" at check out....if you do, Sarah won't be able to see your name and count your entry! Must be a resident of Canada to be eligible.
And don't forget - enter promo code "RosesMom" at check out, and you'll get 10% off of your order! (some conditions may apply)

Disclosure: I purchased Oliver's Labels myself and was not compensated in any way for this post. My opinions are my own.

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