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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mr. Potato Head at the Children's Museum

Everyone knows the Mr. Potato Head, right?. The Children's Museum in Ottawa currently has an exhibit showcasing this toy and I got to check it out with the kids thanks to Kids in the Capital, a site I write for.

It was the media preview so the place was packed with school-aged kids, news people with microphones, and cameras so the kids were pretty shy and clingy but still had a great time.

One of the best parts was right at the entrance: an activity table with Mr. Potato Head bodies propped up and a million kazillion pieces to dig through. Little K built one and Little J built two before I could drag them away.

IMG_4543 (Medium)
So many pieces!

We checked out the different zones and dug for artifacts, played with a light wall, pretended to be on a spaceship, on a submarine, and on safari. There were museum employees there to demonstrate some of the trickier parts of the exhibit, ones suited for older kids in my opinion.

IMG_4550 (Medium)
Building a coraf reef with some guidance from a museum employee.

Mr. Potato Head himself made an appearance, which would have been awesome if the kids weren't scared of mascots of any kind! They cowered again a wall to avoid the big guy.

IMG_4555 (Medium)
Getting as far away from Mr. Potato Head as possible!

There were so many things that we didn't get a chance to try. We have to go back! The exhibit is there until the new year so there's time. If you're in Ottawa or close by, you can head over to the Kids in the Capital site to enter to win passes to the exhibit.

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  1. Wow! How fun! I'd play with it myself! I'm sure the kids would enjoy too :)