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Saturday, June 22, 2013

First cottage weekend of the summer

IMG_5298 (Medium)
Calm and peace.

Hello summer!

J took some time off work so we could head up to the cottage. We got all ready and hit the road mid-morning Thursday. We made it to the highway before Little K puked.

Hello roadside emergency full-on clean up effort to get the kid and the carseat puke free. Yuck.

Back on the road and thankfully no more bumps. The four of us, plus Sandy the cat, arrived just in time for lunch. You know what makes lunch awesome? A ceiling fan right above the table. 

IMG_5259 (Medium)
Round and round and round and round.

 The kids couldn't get in the water fast enough. They're like their dad that way.

IMG_5264 (Medium)
At home in the water.

Part of J's Father's Day present were these water squirters. Best $2 ever. They played with them so much.

IMG_5272 (Medium)
Water squirting.

Dinner on the deck means less clean up but more noise from Sandy.

IMG_5275 (Medium)

J worked hard to get the white boat ready and we went out after dinner Thursday night. I can just tell Little J is going to be driving the boat in no time. Little K? Well, she's a ham.

IMG_5284 (Medium)
Boys are serious while Little K is all CHEEEEEESE!

The kids sleep in the same room at the cottage so they wake up together. We let J sleep in a bit and read books and watched some tv together on the couch.

IMG_5290 (Medium)
Me and my babies.

For J, part of being at the cottage is constantly doing something. He rakes and cleans and gets things ready and fixes things. He's non-stop until he passes out at night. It's just natural then that he put his son to work getting the big boat ready for next weekend.

IMG_5308 (Medium)
He's little but he's strong!

Friday night we went out again in the white boat. It was a nice break from the mosquitoes.

IMG_5317 (Medium)
The fam.

It was a nice little weekend and the best part is that we still have the weekend together at home. I'm looking forward to spending more time at the cottage this summer. We are lucky.

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  1. Oh, that looks like fun! I'd totally be sitting with my feet in the water, too. And unfortunately, I relate a little too well about the puke in the car. Yuck is right.