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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

This weekend we celebrated Father's Day. J is a really great dad. It's obvious whenever he's around the kids: they adore him.

IMG_4941 (Medium)
J helping the kids hang from and fall from the tree, like a good dad.

We kicked it off Saturday morning by letting him sleep in a bit and then bringing him breakfast in bed. The kids were thrilled to help pick out some fruit and insisted he eat a pear, two plums, and a banana, on top of his eggs, toast, and yogurt. Good morning, eat this!

IMG_4967 (Medium)
Eat Papa, eat! (Rudolph reference because we're still watching Christmas movies in June.)

Because J decided to do autocross Sunday the kids gave him his presents right after breakfast. They got him (with my coaching) things they can do together: hockey sticks, a frisbee, and water shooter things. They also decorated a card.

When the kids were playing outside with J I ran to the store and got his big present which was a zero gravity chair. We have one and now we have two.

IMG_4973 (Medium)
Hugs for Dad.

For their birthdays I like to ask the kids questions. It's hilarious what they come up and I figure it'll be fun to see their answers over the years. I decided to ask them some dad-related questions and wrote out the answers for J. Little J did all of the answering. Here's what he said:

What's your dad's name? Dad.
How old is he? 31.
What is his job? What does he do? Goes to work.
What is your dad's favourite colour? Blue
What does your dad like to drink? Coffee and water and chocolate milk.
What does he like to do on weekends? Race a car.
What's your favourite thing about your dad? I love him.
Anything else? Dad, you get out of this world!

That last one ties into the card we made that has a rocket and says, "Dad, you're out of this world!".

IMG_5022 (Medium)
They both drew stars.

This morning was rainy but J was autocrossing and we were set to go watch. First, sign making time. Little J drew a stop sign and put the letters P and S on it. So close!

IMG_4988 (Medium)
Apres-breakfast attire of underwear/diaper is best for sign making.

Turns out we left the signs in the car because it was so wet but we did see J race. Just once. Me and the kids were huddled under the umbrella and were wet and freezing.You can just make out the red car in the middle of the picture.

IMG_4998 (Medium)
Go red car, go!

The rest of the day was a pretty typical weekend day: playing outside, dinner, bath, books, bed.

IMG_5007 (Medium)
We had a little fun with letters in the tub.

IMG_5010 (Medium)
Books with dad. We are currently learning about the body.

IMG_5018 (Medium)
And kisses!

Happy Father's Day, J! And happy day to all the dads out there.

{Father's Day last year.}

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