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Monday, June 10, 2013


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Snuggling the baby boy that I saw being born :)

Before I get into some other posts that need writing, here's what I'm doing currently.

Reading: I just finished the last of Emily Giffin's books. I liked them but I'm glad I'm done. I need to read something else, another author's words and style and characters. I picked up Michael J. Fox's 2nd book and another essay/memoir type, both fitting the bill.

Watching: Is it just me or did tv get slow again? I caught up on all the shows I was watching and then had to dip into my reserves, shows that I didn't catch when they aired that I have stockpiled for times just like this. I finished up Switched at Birth, tried Pretty Little Liars, and switched back to Gossip Girl.

Feeling: Like I need a break. It's not easy being 2 these days and so it's not easy being a 2-year-old's mom either. J and I have had busy weekends without much downtime and I've been staying up too late doing various things so I'm lacking sleep and patience and my parenting is suffering. I need a day off to sleep in and just be by myself for a while.

Listening to: The incessant why?s that have recently changed a bit. Now Little J will ask why and then incorporate your answer into his second attempt. Why are we going out? We're going to get groceries. Why are we going out so that we can get groceries? Umm... I'm going to start resorting to because I said so.

Looking forward to: Where this little blog is headed. After attending SoCapOtt (a social media conference that I will write about soon) I am inspired to take charge. I want to get more out of this space and so I have to put more in. I'm getting some great help from fellow bloggers and am pretty excited. I'm looking into getting myself to another conference in October and hopefully growing my relationships with companies and brands so I can bring you more awesome giveaways because who doesn't like to win?

Proud of: My kids for finishing their first race. It was a 1K race but just like adult races there was a start/finish line arch, race photographers, water stations, race t-shirts, bibs, and medals. I will write up a post about it soon.

Happy about: Finishing up with my first doula client and snuggling that little boy who still smells like baby. You know that smell, right?

Thanks as always to Danielle who does these Currently posts. You really should check her out - she has the sweetest blog and is expecting her second son in a little bit. Danielle's latest Currently post.

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