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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A need to write, to get it out

I need to just write. My head is full. So I will write and later I will sit down and properly document some things I've done lately. Things that I need to write about too.

Last week was a blur. I was so much anticipating the weekend that I hardly noticed the week going by. It wasn't that it was a quick week; the days and minutes didn't fly by that's for sure, but overall the time passed quickly. All of a sudden it was Friday night and I wasn't at all prepared for the all day conference the next day. And instead of getting myself ready I went for a run and it was hot. It was so hot.

But I went to the conference and I had a really good time. I learned a lot and have already started making some changes around here. For those of you who don't know, it was a social media conference called Social Capital Ottawa Conference. I went last year, but this year I was so much more prepared, so ready to get more out of it. The day flew by. I met people in person that I'd only talked to online, I met new people, I listened to smart speakers and sat in on interesting and hilarious sessions. I networked and made connections.

IMG_4426 (Medium)

I really felt good about my day. Happy to have some time away from home, time to just be me, and then I got to my car. The headlights were up. The battery was dead. I found someone to help me boost the car but eventually called road-side assist for a tow truck because it was getting late and starting to rain. I sat in the car alone, my high from the conference quickly forgotten, while the rain and wind pummeled the car and the windows fogged up.

J and the kids came to "rescue me" and they told me all about it as I drove them home and J waited with the tow truck driver as the battery charged. I was soaked to the skin and freezing cold and beyond starving. Little K fell asleep in the car. I got us home, and put on warm clothes and tried to get Little J ready for bed. It was an awkward time for a car nap and eventually I got Little K from the car, hoping she'd fall back to sleep quickly. She didn't.

The kids were riled up, the kitchen was a disaster, and I was starving. One by one I got things checked off the list: Little J to bed, snack for me and Little K, kitchen sorta cleaned, Little K to bed, dinner for me. And then it hit me: J was leaving the next morning really early for two days of racing out of town.

My mind was full of new information, things I wanted to apply to this blog and people I wanted to contact and things I wanted to set up, but it would all have to wait. Life happens.

IMG_4437 (Medium)

J was up early Sunday morning and out the door before anyone else was awake. At least I think so. It was early. That day felt a lot like a regular work day so we did regular things: went to the train museum in the morning, picked up McDs on the way home, tried to get Little K to nap, had J's mom over for dinner.

IMG_4467 (Medium)

Monday was a regular workday and I got Little J to preschool and took Little K to Costco. Did our regular Monday things, but was surprised when J showed up in time for dinner, hours earlier than planned.

IMG_4469 (Medium)

Turns out he hadn't slept much Saturday or Sunday night and needed to end his second day of racing a little early. Oh, and he crashed the car. Thankfully the damage was minor, just the rear tire (that was fixed at the track) and half the front lip broken off. We got to see video of him crashing (racing too) thanks to his GoPro camera. The crashing really doesn't bother me. I'm not making light of it, but he was racing on a course in a car that is made for it, he knows what he's doing, and is realistic about things. He's also already crashed a car on the road and did a lot of damage. Crashes happen and I'm glad this one was as minor as it was. Wouldn't want to use the roadside assist twice in one weekend. (Jokes.)

So now it's late Monday night and the week just keeps coming. J is back to work and I'm back to doing what I do: parenting all day with no breaks and not having enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. It's almost 11pm and I'm just getting this all off my chest now. I see the recaps of the conference from other bloggers and wish I had time to get it out. Then I realize that I still haven't put my thoughts out there about the doula retreat I went to weeks ago. See? Things I need to say. But I will. I will get around to everything. In the meantime, I hope you stick around.

And if you're new here, welcome. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. I can so relate...I often wish there were 2 of me: one to hang out and relax with my kids, be the mom I wish I could be. The other to pursue professional and personal goals. I can't figure out how to do a little of each and be content. Sigh. Thanks for the post - helps to know I'm not the only one:)

    1. You aren't alone! I don't know anyone who has found a balance they like. Thanks for reading :)