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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: The weird weather of May

It's been strange weather this month. I'm hoping June brings us summer and doesn't go back and forth the way May has.

It was really warm for a while there and then freezing (like, kill all the plants in the garden freezing), and then warmer, and then cool again. Now it's mid-20s but humid and hazy.

When it's nice we get outside as much as possible. Little J is getting really good at his bike and insists on biking to the park. We've had to work hard at reminding him to be safe on the roads. We have 3 rules: stay to the side of the road, stop when a car goes by, and listen to mom. I make him say them out loud before we go on the road. Thankfully Little K sticks to the stroller.

IMG_4343 (Medium)

We went out and got some things for around the house (some storage bins, salad bowls.. all very exciting) and I grabbed a shovel and pail for each kid. These always come with us to the park now and the kids spend the first bit shoveling sand. It's nice because I get to sit and watch them.

IMG_4344 (Medium)

Little J is getting good at his bike but he still gets stuck when the pedals are exactly at the top and bottom. Little K to the rescue! She hops off her plasmacar and gives him a boost. How cute is that?! And how ridiculous is her outfit? Blue hoodie and shorts, leopard print leggings, fake crocs.

IMG_4333 (Medium)

And the unpredictable weather had me dressing the kids in shorts and t-shirts and scrambling to get hoodies, mitts and scarves the other day. Seriously, May? How very Canadian of us.

IMG_4318 (Medium)

I can't wait until we're back to summery temps so we can enjoy the sprinkler in the back and the new pool I bought after breaking the first one. Plus the new watering cans I also picked up for the kids. Never a dull moment.

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  1. Hopefully none of your plants died. We planted our veggies a week before that frost and it killed 3 of our tomato plants.

  2. Oh I love the mitts with bikes!!


  3. I hope, that June will bring warmer temperatures and fun summer activities. :)

  4. I love the mittens and shorts combo, and also loathe unpredictable weather. Here's to warmer temperatures and sprinkler days soon.

  5. hahaha how very canadian of you. I like that. the shorts with the mittens, too funny. I do hope your june gets warm and then stays that way. xo.

  6. We've had crazy weather here, too. The beginning of May, we had snow, then 90 degrees, then sleet, and on and on. It's been overcast here all week, just in time for the kids to get out of school. Ha. She looks adorable in her little outfits, and how cute that she helps him on the bike!

  7. Crazy weather everywhere! I'm in Pittsburgh and this time last week it was in the mid 40's, today it's almost 90?!?