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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Time with friends

Yesterday we had a great playdate. It was a redo from last week when Little K puked in the car on the way. But this week we made it!

I'm so glad we did because the kids always have a great time with their friend JH and they adore Baby E. Plus I get to chat with my friend while they all play nicely together.

Little JH showed us her park and SH and I were aaah'ing before we even left the driveway when the kids insisted on holding hands. It was so cute.

IMG_4121 (Medium)

The kids enjoyed the play structure until Little J hit his head. He was running under the structure and then came to a point that wasn't as tall and he didn't notice. After he stopped crying he went to the swings and stayed there for a while, probably until his head stopped pounding, poor guy.

IMG_4126 (Medium)

Baby E loves the swings and giggled the entire time. So cute! And then there are these two girls who had a great time too.

IMG_4130 (Medium)

And on the way home there was much stick throwing.

IMG_4135 (Medium)

At the house, my kids had fun discovering all of Little JH's toys. Little J especially liked this Lightning McQueen ramp toy.

IMG_4119 (Medium)

Little K especially liked Baby E. 

IMG_4116 (Medium)

We had lunch together and then got ready to go. I just love seeing our kids playing together and I'm glad that I'm home with the kids and able to get together with my friends like this.

IMG_4139 (Medium)

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  1. Love all the sweet play pictures :) Glad you had a good time!

  2. being home with your kids during times like these and hanging with friends, sigh. What life's all about :) sweet pictures.

  3. I can't get over the "on the way home" picture of the trail surrounded by trees. So picturesque! And so completely different than the scenery where I live. :) Yay for awesome playdates! Boo for car puking (we've had way too much of that here lately)