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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: May long weekend

This past weekend was a long weekend for Canada and an extra long weekend for us because J was off Tuesday too. It was a mix of super hot, sunny weather, and cold and rainy days, which was actually kind of perfect.

J wanted a project so he could accomplish something over the weekend so he researched and bought everything for an in-ground sprinkler system. But you live in a townhouse, you might be saying. We do, but we have a big backyard because of our corner lot, and it turns out, sprinkler systems aren't that expensive when you install them yourself.

And of course when you put the kids to work too.

IMG_4205 (Medium)

It took the whole day, but not working straight, and it didn't seem like hard work for the most part. And then the boys got to enjoy the sprinklers by running through the spray over and over.

IMG_4215 (Medium)

Sunday was my morning to sleep in and by the time I woke up and ate and was finally ready to leave the house, I was greeted by my family returning from a "hike". Aren't they cute with their backpacks on?

IMG_4218 (Medium)

No weekend would be complete without some tv time on mom and dad's bed. Sandy was looking for affection and snuggled in right beside Little J. This is a testament to how gentle he is with her and how comfortable she is with both the kids.

IMG_4220 (Medium)

When the weather is nice and dinner is over at a decent time, we like to go for family bike rides. Little J has been asking for them for a while so he was especially excited when we finally went. We went over to the pond to feed the ducks and saw two fleets of fresh baby ducklings, but none came close enough to enjoy our stale cheerios.

IMG_4247 (Medium)

Post-bike ride fun in the driveway was a big hit until a little someone pushed another little someone who scraped up her legs.

IMG_4252 (Medium)

Also fun is racing around the track on the driveway until the rain melts it away. Little J is super fast on his police bike and Little K is almost as fast on her red car.

IMG_4194 (Medium)

Monday I convinced J to take the kids to the Agriculture Museum for the sheep shearing festival. It was ridiculously busy but I'm glad we went. I'll write more on it soon. For now, a rare picture of me with my kids.

_MG_0835.CR2 (Medium)

 And last picture I want to share is of the kids with the little red wagon. They love this thing. Little K settles in and Little J pulls her around, both of them squealing the entire time. It's like sledding around the yard in the winter, but with less snow and less clothing.

IMG_4244 (Medium)

Hope you had a great weekend too! Bring on summer!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Love the "hiking" outfits!

  2. My kids love riding around the yard in a wagon! It looks like you had an excellent long weekend, and YAY for one-day projects!!

  3. aw, thank goodness for sprinkler season. water and bikes and the kids are set! I love keeping things simple like that :)