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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP: Hello spring!

Spring is here! We spent hours outside this afternoon and it was wonderful.

IMG_3897 (Medium)

Squirrels are rare in our neighbourhood so the kids were super excited to see this little guy. They followed him from window to window as he ran along the fence.

IMG_3910 (Medium)

We made a bird feeder and hung it on the tree. Now we just need some bird seed.

IMG_3911 (Medium)

This year will be the year for climbing if today is any indication.

IMG_3915 (Medium)

And jumping.

IMG_3917 (Medium)

Then the kids chased a rabbit around the backyard. Poor guy was just looking for some clover. He escaped to our neighbour's backyard.

IMG_3920 (Medium)

Gotta keep hydrated.

IMG_3924 (Medium)

Then we put our feet up and had snacks. I might have forgotten all about sunscreen and hats, but I didn't forget the cheese and crackers.

IMG_3925 (Medium)

Dad's home.

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  1. Sweet pictures! It's so nice to see some Green and some sunshine again! We woke up to snow yesterday, but today my neighbor's cherry tree is blooming and Spring is here as well!

  2. Spring keeps teasing us here. We've had a few great, warm days, like it looks like you have! I love the pictures, and you have a fun backyard!

  3. being outside is the best during spring time! Also, we have an overabundance of squirrels in our 'hood. Wish we could send some of them your way! Ha.