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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sheep Shearing Festival at the Agriculture Museum

Here I am playing catch up again. So much has happened in the last 2 weeks.

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Almost two weekends ago was the Sheep Shearing Festival at the Agriculture Museum. Never before have I been so happy to have a membership as when we walked up to a looooong line and realized there was a separate entrance for members. Boom!

Our holiday Monday started off slow but I convinced J that a trip to the farm would be a good idea. I warned him it might be busy because of the holiday and the festival but we went anyway. The main parking lot was full but we found a spot in another lot. We unloaded the kids from the car and made our way around to the entrance. There was a huge line, lots of families with strollers to match the minivans in the parking lot, but like I mentioned there was a separate line for members and we breezed right in.

Right beside the outside cow and horse area we were asked to stay to the side because they were bringing out some Clydesdales.

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These are huge horses and Little K was so scared. Little J was scared too but didn't cry like his sister.

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We said hi to the cows and horses and went looking for chickens. Not sure why but Little J insisted he wanted to see the chickens. They weren't in the outside part of the enclosure. Nearby was a temporary pen with two alpacas which was fun.

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Then we checked out the energy center. It's pretty new and we haven't seen it yet. The kids got to play with a water pump and sit on solar powered chairs.

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We made our way around the farm, past a live band playing, to the area set up with sheeps and sheepdogs. We got to see a sheepdog in action. He looked pretty scary actually.

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After that we went in and saw the bunnies and the pigs. There were some small pigs near the entrance but some really wee ones farther back. The runt of the litter was so obvious - so much smaller than the others and getting stepped on and sat on constantly.

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We capped off our trip by playing at the playground. It's a pretty big place and was full of kids. The kids both liked the twirly slide, one that neither was big enough for last time we were there.

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We had two little issues at the playground that the kids talked about the rest of the day. At one point a kid grabbed Little K's hat. She grabbed it right back and wasn't happy about it. I'm happy she stood up for herself. The other was when Little J was playing on this rocking pig thing and a little boy jumped on the back and wouldn't give Little J any space. J got Little J to leave the pig and explained that the little boy would get bored and leave. Sure enough he did not even a minute after they left and Little J got to have fun again.

On our way out we stopped to pet a sheep. Well, Little K did the petting. She's so brave. Except when it comes to horses.

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We didn't see any sheep being shorn or do any of the wool activities but we had a great time. Maybe next year we'll check out the shearing. If you're local, did you make it to the festival?

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