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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rainy day outing to the train museum

More catching up, this time from late last week.

I knew it was supposed to rain so I decided I'd take the kids to the train museum the next morning. Also known as the Science and Technology museum, it's one of our favourite places to go. Thank goodness for our membership.

I put a call out on Facebook and was happy that a friend wanted to join us. Her son Little C is one of Little J's friends.

Here are the highlights from our trip:

I love taking the kids' picture in front of the train wheel. Eventually you'll be able to see them grow up, at least until they're big enough to not want to smile for me and my camera.

IMG_4286 (Medium)

This is one of their favourite things. They love to push the button and make this train move.

IMG_4288 (Medium)

The radio station buttons are a favourite for dance parties, but they can never agree on a station.

IMG_4292 (Medium)

The light tunnels are always fun but there were so many older kids running around this day that I got a little panicky and cut our time in there short.

IMG_4294 (Medium)

The crazy kitchen isn't something we normally do, but we did, and the kids had fun trying to stay upright. My headache lasted a good 5 minutes after leaving.

IMG_4302 (Medium)

The toddler area is fun for playing trains, building with blocks, or building with bigger blocks. Little K especially likes the play food and kitchen.

IMG_4297 (Medium)
IMG_4298 (Medium)

What I really love about the museums (mostly the train museum, but the agriculture and aviation museums too) is that they are kid-friendly. Having a membership allows us to go as often as we'd like and if we only go for an hour or spend the entire time looking at trains, it's okay. I don't feel like we've wasted our money.

If you're in Ottawa, which is your favourite museum to visit? We haven't been to the Children's Museum yet and I think we should go!

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  1. My are big fans of the train museum too! It's so interactive that my kids never tire of it. Yes...thank goodness for the membership. Children's museum is awesome but a bit expensive and usually pretty busy so we don't go as often.