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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This was my fourth Mother's Day and it was a great one. I am so lucky, not only for my kids who make me a mother, but J who allows me to be the parent I am.

After spending all of Saturday away, I was ready to spend all of today with my family. But I was also ready for a bit of a sleep in so when Little K woke up, I fed her and crawled back into bed.

J got up with the kids and fed them breakfast. Them yelling 1-2-3 BOOM! over and over woke me, but it was perfect timing because then I heard them creeping up the stairs as quietly as two toddlers can, and I was set up with breakfast in bed. They gave me flowers that they picked out - Little J's were pink, Little K's were yellow - and new sheets. J knows me so well.

IMG_4101 (Medium)

As I said in my post on parenting the other day, I do think I'm doing a good job and I think my kids think so too. I just hope that I keep doing a good job and they always think so. That's my goal.

IMG_4100 (Medium)

In the morning we went and saw my parents. We gave my mom a cute turtle flower pot and spent some time catching up.  The middle of the day was filled with lunch and naps and tv and snacks until it was time to head to J's parent's house for dinner. J's mom was the lucky recipient of a turtle flower pot too. Aren't they cute?

IMG_4076 (Medium)

And yes, there are 4. That's because I was facing potential toddler meltdowns in the store unless Little J and Little K each got one too. So we have two turtle flower pots. One with pink flowers and one with yellow, can you guess which one belongs to which kid?

Dinner was nice and other than some crying (falling into a wall gives you a pretty big bruise if you do it right) it was a great night.

And now that I just finished my book I think I'll try and go to bed early. This is a 5-day week, but at least the long weekend is coming up.

Just so you know, I have some posts written about cloth diapering going up this week. If that's not for you, please check back soon.

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