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Monday, May 6, 2013


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Currently currently, like right this minute, I'm sitting with my laptop open, the tv on, waiting for inspiration to hit and waiting for Little J to fall asleep. I'm surprised he's still awake because today was the busiest day. Full of learning and sunshine and the pool and slip n slide. It was a beautiful summer day and I'm sure it was only last week I was excited that spring was here. Well, today was definitely summery.

Loving: This weather! That definitely deserved an exclamation point - it's been so summery the past few days. We've enjoyed lots of time outside and our new grass is growing into a green fuzz and the trees have leaves and my skin is pink. It's incredible. There's just a little part of me that's worried we're going to get another snow dump or something.

Feeling: Tired from being so busy lately and a little sore from all the sun on my skin. I need to get better at remembering sunscreen.

Looking forward to: The doula retreat I'm going to this weekend. This really snuck up on me but now that it's almost here I'm looking forward to meeting doulas in the area and learning from them. There will be lots of learning but also lots of time to just chat. I'm just on the beginning of my journey and I think this has come at a great time for me.

Thinking about: All the stuff I have to do. I'm feeling pulled in a lot of directions these days and I'm having trouble focusing. I've been just going with the flow of things but I know that things are creeping up on me and having some deadlines is reality. I need to start using my time better.

Changing: I'm changing the way I eat, somewhat. I've been holding into some extra weight and even with the running my body is stubbornly staying the same. I took some time and read up on diets and eating healthily. I'm not a fan of diets and won't be going that route but I will be changing some things, mostly what I snack on and when I eat. With the kids I eat my three meals a day and two snacks, things that are good and all, but I also find I'm hungry at night so I eat more carbs before bed. It's incredible how much better I feel already, just deciding to make a change.

Enjoying: The family time we had this weekend. J's grandfather received a big award and most of the family came to town to celebrate. We had a fancy lunch downtown (at a castle - the kids loved that part) and a not-as-fancy bbq dinner. I love when the kids can spend time with family, especially the ones that don't live nearby and we don't see often. It's interesting watching them go from hiding behind me shy to hugging everyone before we leave.

That's enough for now.

Thanks to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet, a really awesome blog, for the inspiration for this post.

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