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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless{ish} Wednesday and iPPP - Three things recently

No real theme for this post beyond these three pictures.

J was home 4 days straight and the weather was good enough that he spent a lot of time outside with the kids. He's been working on the Miata and Little J got to help out. I hope Little J is as handy when he's older as J is. He's definitely on his way!

IMG_3528 (Medium)

Saturday morning I went shopping with J's mom and sister and bought so much stuff for myself including some things from LuLuLemon. I've never bought anything there and am looking forward to wearing my new pants and hoodie.

IMG_3557 (Medium)

J's dad needed his boots to go outside to bbq dinner Sunday night. Well, both kids decided to try them on for size. Little J was too quick and I didn't get a picture of him, but was ready when it was Little K's turn. I honestly wasn't sure her legs were long enough for her to be ale to stand but they were, just barely.

_MG_0636.CR2 (Medium)

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  1. Big shoes (and boots!) are irresistible, aren't they? My guys always tried them on whenever they had a chance. :)

  2. I always love when the kids try on our big shoes. So cute! And I LOVE your blue nails and his little puppy (?) rainboots.

  3. Nothing cuter than a child in an over-sized pair of boots. I LOVE IT.

  4. LOVE the boots! my littlest guy always goes after his dad's shoes. It's one of the cutest things. It's amazing to see the small paired with the big. Perspective and all that jazz :)