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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday and iPPP - Little K spotlight

I just love my little girl and thought I'd share some recent pictures of her.

Mid-day baths happen occasionally around here and this day it was just Little K in the tub. She chose the animals and lined them all up, exhibiting typical toddler behaviour.

IMG_3668 (Medium)

Monday morning while Little J was at preschool Little K and I went to the playgroup drop in also at the community center. Little K checked out all the toys and carried around a stuffed turtle the entire time. We also had a snack and did the crafts. She really liked the painting one and was very serious the whole time.

IMG_3673 (Medium)

Then there was circle time at the end that we don't normally stay for because Little J hates it so. But Little K had a great time and made her way right up to the front for story time. You can see her there, just to the left of center, in front of the playgroup worker.

IMG_3675 (Medium)

I was having trouble convincing Little J to put on pants yesterday morning and this is what Little K did to entertain herself. Stickers! Everywhere!

IMG_3687 (Medium)

The weather has been steadily getting warmer so J set up a race track on the driveway (the kids absolutely LOVE this!) Little K was running around the race track all serious like.

IMG_3679 (Medium)

And that gives you a glimpse into my little girl's world.  I'll have to put together a little post about Little J lately, maybe next week.

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  1. oh my gosh, I just LOVE that bathtub pic with all the ducks!! so cute!

    thanks for stopping by to link up! :)

  2. Cuteness! It's kind of nice to take a minute to look at each kid individually, isn't it?

    1. Absolutely! I had other pictures I was considering including but they all had her brother too.

  3. stickers!!!! everywhere, yes. I mean, how else does one DO stickers? :) she's a cute. xo.

    1. Always all over herself. My son's the same. Weirdos!

  4. She is ADORABLE! And it's pretty awesome that she put the stickers on herself and not all over the wall or floor like my kids would've done. I love her red hair, and her little jeans!