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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Front yard plans

Now that it's getting warmer and most of the snow has melted, J and I are talking about our plans for our front yard. If you've seen our house, you might laugh at that seeing as how our yard is ridiculously tiny. We live on the corner and have mostly driveway out front, but we do have a patch of lawn that we share with our neighbours, a small garden, a walkway and front step/porch.

IMG_0847 (Medium)
The view from our front door.

The biggest concern right now is the lawn. That little piece of grass gets piled so high with snow (the snow from our long double driveway and our neighbour's) and has sunk. J and our neighbour have planned to order a truck load full of dirt and I imagine a bunch of grass seed. It's going to be really dirty waiting for the grass to grow, but it will be worth it.

IMG_1217 (Medium)
You can see all the driveway on either side of our little lawn that is only half ours.

Right now our tree and garden are surrounded by black plastic edging. Well, I've already pulled out the edging aroung the garden and the stuff around the tree will get pulled out too. We don't think we want mulch and edging around the tree at all. As for the garden that is beside the walkway, we're leaning towards some sort of stone to edge it. The walkway will stay paving stones.

_MG_9791.CR2 (Medium)
You can kinda see our front step with the rotting railing if you can look past the cute kids!

The railing on the porch is peeling and rotting but J thinks he can save most of it and just patch the one part that's really bad. We'll be painting it white to match the windows. I'm also pushing to paint the trim around the garage door white too.

Other than that I want to cut back the bush that is closest to the road, but that can't happen until the new growth has started.. or something. Clearly I need to look into this more.

In point form, here is our to-do list:

- dirt on lawn
- grass seed
- nematodes once grass has grown
- stones around garden
- nothing around tree (grass, no edging and no mulch)
- mulch in garden
- trim bush
- redo posts and paint white
- paint garage trim white

We're also thinking about what to plant in our vegetable garden out back and I'm looking for cute ideas for a bird feeder I can make with the kids. Anyone else itching to get something going outside?

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