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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter - a time of renewal, the start of spring (you'll recognize those words if you have the Charlie Brown Easter Beagle book) - was this weekend. It seems early this year, but I'm not complaining about a long weekend filled with family and chocolate and excitement.

This was Little J's 4th Easter and Little K's second and boy were they excited! I did pretty great leading up to the weekend, hyping up Easter and all the fun things we'd do. The kids were so excited.

Early on in the week I pulled out our Easter bin and we put up decorations (some window stickers, flashy eggs that hang from doorknobs). Little K loved the little stuffed bunny that was in the bin so she carried it around all week.

IMG_3479 (Medium)

I got them each a pink bunny from the dollar store that lights up. Those were a huge hit and Little J even took his to preschool for show and tell.

IMG_3485 (Medium)

I printed off some free Easter colouring pages for the kids, and they played with plastic eggs that were also in the bin. I was impressed that Little K was able to put them back together so well.

IMG_3476 (Medium)

I thought the kids would love this, but only Little K decorated cookies. So I have a bunch of undecorated cookies left over... I might just eat them!

IMG_3530 (Medium)

The actual Easter festivities started Friday. J was off work so he spent lots of time outside with the kids and then J's family came over for dinner. J's sister SJ came to town for the weekend and surprised the kids. They were so happy to see her.

IMG_3541 (Medium)

They were super happy with their new watches from SJ's boyfriend (unfortunately for the blog, another J, but we'll call him JW). They are so spoiled. 

IMG_3532 (Medium)

Saturday morning was an exciting day for me: I got to go shopping. I went with SJ and J's mom downtown to a big mall. I spent a ton of money on myself, not once looking at kid's stuff. It was so nice and now I have lots of new clothes so I won't have to go shopping again for a while.

That evening was dinner with my family. My brother and his wife (I almost said girlfriend because they just got married) were in town. They gave the kids some Easter bunny guys that sing and dance and are obnoxiously loud, but they kids love them.

_MG_0600.CR2 (Medium)

We had the traditional Easter dinner of lasagna and caesar salad.

_MG_0601.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_0605.CR2 (Medium)

It was probably the best visit we've had and such a nice time.

IMG_3552 (Medium)

Sunday morning was finally really Easter and the Easter bunny hid eggs all over the living room/dining room. The kids ran around with their little baskets, Little K following subtle hints from her dad.

_MG_0610.CR2 (Medium)

That morning we had my extended family over and we finally got to meet my cousin's 3 month old baby. The kids absolutely adored her.

_MG_0620.CR2 (Medium)

It was nice to have almost the entire family over. We did snacks and a lasagna (bad planning on my part!) and we made more coffee than the Keurig has ever made in one day.

_MG_0633.CR2 (Medium)

We had a bit of down time in the middle of the day - we watched Hop and some Jake and the Neverland Pirates (a new favourite from Disney Junior) and tried to get Little K to nap - before heading over to J's parent's house for Easter dinner #2. Another traditional one: steak! The kids made SJ read book after book while J had a nap and I chatted with people.

_MG_0634.CR2 (Medium)

It was a super busy weekend but so fun and full of family. J's off again today and we're having a more typical day but with more chocolate than usual.

It's nice to be able to look back (one of the best things about blogging) so here are my Easter posts from last year, 2011, and 2010. I hope you had a great weekend too!