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Monday, April 29, 2013

Classic and Custom Car Show

The Classic and Custom Car Show was this weekend and we decided to make it a family adventure. When we told the kids at dinner Friday night, they were excited. When we told them we'd be bussing, they clapped and cheered. When you're 2 or 3 years old, bussing is a big part of the adventure.

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We left Saturday morning for the bus. Little J sat with J and Little K was on my lap. For all the excitement over taking the bus, they were both pretty quiet the entire time. It wasn't a long ride and soon we were walking through the doors of the show.

We met up with my mom who was there working and hit the floor. We wandered up and down the aisles, oohing and aahing over the pretty cars, and getting the behing the scenes info from my mom. Some cars were only registered the morning of the show.

After passing some pretty impressive cars we stopped at a course for remote controlled cars. We watched them play around. These cars were way faster than any I had ever seen.

Right near there was a police car that the kids got to sit in. They sat together in the front seat. And then, one of the highlights of the show, two Batmobiles! You couldn't get close or sit in them but it was neat to see them, a new one and an old one.

IMG_3838 (Medium)

The kids seemed more interested in the Batman standing between the cars. I thought it was cute how many little kids were dressed up like batman or who had Batman shirts on. For the record, Little J wore his racing shirt that says Can't Catch Me. It's one of his faves and he wears it every time he watches J race.

IMG_3843 (Medium)

I stopped with my mom to chat with one of the exhibitors while J and the kids checked out some retro firetrucks. We then made our way to the race cars.This was the highlight for J. He got to sit in all sorts of race cars and ask questions about each one.

IMG_3850 (Medium)

They belonged to one of the local speedways and I'm pretty sure were all still being used.

IMG_3855 (Medium)

The kids went in and out of the cars and otherwise were kept entertained by the free footballs they were given. They were also kept in line by the speedway's mascot, a huge cat, that scared them. No running up and hugging mascots in our near future.

IMG_3848 (Medium)

After that it was time to head home. We got on a bus going in the wrong direction, but since we were on an adventure, we went with it and had lunch at a restaurant then hopped on a bus going in the right direction and made our way home.

When we asked Little J what he liked best he said the bus ride. Little K always copies her brother and said the bus ride too. J I know loved sitting in the race cars.

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And that was our Saturday adventure at the car show. It was a fun morning but, turns out, it had nothing on my Sunday morning. I had a bigger adventure Sunday and I'll tell you all about it soon.

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