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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Last week got away from me and then the weekend flew past too and all of a sudden it's Tuesday and my last post was on Wednesday. I hope you don't mind that I play a bit of catch up to get back on track.


So what was keeping me so busy? I had dinner out with a friend last Thursday - a much needed meal where I wasn't required to wipes anyone's face or hands or sweep the floor after. We had a great time and my night out was extended when I got a text from J saying he'd just gotten Little K to sleep. If you didn't know, she hasn't gone to sleep without me at night for months and months and so I've had a curfew of 8 forever. I cherished the extra hour or so and drove a little too fast in the new red car all by myself. It was nice.


I've been running, though not as much as I had planned. My ankle was bothering me so I skipped a run last week. I'm up to the last week of training since my 5K is this Sunday. Yesterday I did 4.5K and felt so strong. It helped that it was beautiful out: warm but not hot, not a cloud in the sky, a bit of a breeze. The previous run was in what might as well have been a tornado. There were parts when I don't think I was actually moving forward the wind was so strong.

My goal for this 5K is to finish. That is always my race goal because I don't really care about times or personal bests (I wouldn't even know what time I'd have to get to get a personal best). I'm looking forward to getting out there. One of my favourite things is the race energy: the people all gathered to run, the people cheering from the sidelines, the sense of accomplishment at the end. It makes me emotional actually. And I love that my kids are seeing my run. It's important to me that they see me as more than just mom.


We had a nice long weekend. The kids love having their dad around because it means a lot more outside time and I like having him around because it means some non-parenting time for me during the day. I did a bunch of organizing. What is it about spring that makes me was to go through all the things? We finally went through our closet and got rid of a bunch of old winter coats.


I've been on call for my first birth doula client for the past 2 weeks. It's been a little strange and I'm getting a little nervous/excited. In preparation I've packed my bag (well, kinda) and I'm re-reading The Birth Partner, which is like the bible for doulas. I also got J to put call display on my phone because I get a lot of ridiculous calls but don't want to miss my client calling. Now I feel better knowing that even if I miss the call I'll know it was her who called.


Our front yard plans are coming along and we're getting a load of dirt delivered later this week. Exciting!

And with that, I'm caught up. Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow will be a highlight of Little J and then who knows what else. I have some drafts in my dashboard and some ideas in my head. Isn't that always the way?

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