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Friday, April 26, 2013


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The kids were playing in the backyard with J the other day. I got back from a run and joined them.

Little J and neighbour A were peeking through the fence that backs onto the road behind us. Little K ran over to peek as the two older kids ran away.

She was peeking through when a woman walked by with her dog. Her dog saw Little K and barked. Little K jumped and fell to the ground and started crying.

It was funny but sad. She was so scared and probably won't be peeking through the fence again anytime soon.


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We got a load of dirt delivered yesterday for our front yard (and probably a million other things because it's a LOT of dirt). The kids were excited to see the big dumptruck and stood at Little K's window while the truck backed into the driveway and got ready to unload the dirt.

The dirt was pouring out and then there was a huge big loud noise while the truck shook to get the rest of the dirt out.

I was outside but ran quickly upstairs after hearing the kids wailing. They were so scared, crying and whimpering. It took a long time to calm them down. I don't think they'll be getting close to a dumptruck for a while.

They did have a great time helping J with the dirt when he got home though.

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