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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big excitement: my first birth as a doula

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Sunday was beautiful: the sun was shining, it was warm, the sky was a brilliant blue. As beautiful as it was outside, it was also a beautiful day to have a baby.

I spent the entire day inside the hospital. I attended my first birth that wasn't my own. My first birth as a doula. And it was incredible.

For the sake of my client's privacy I won't share any of the details, but I want to talk about my experience. First that of being on-call. I actually felt a lot like I did before I had my own babies: excited and nervous. And when the phone rang the first time I jumped up ready for action! I could hardly sleep Saturday night with everything running through my mind. I was flooded with emotions from my birth experiences. I needed time to relive it all before I could go and fully support my client for her birth.

I was lucky that I got the call on the weekend so figuring out the logistics was actually quite easy. I woke up with Little K Sunday morning and then left for the hospital. J was home anyway because it was the weekend and he kept the kids busy all day. He managed to get Little K a car nap and I was home in time for dinner after a quick shower.

The labour was intense at times and quiet at times. There was some physical support required and emotional support too, but also some time for me to just sit. I took the time to write out some notes and read up on things that could happen. Both my client's partner and I had a chance to run out and get lunch in the middle of the day.

I felt so honoured to be there for my client. Birth is so raw and powerful and intense, but also intimate and personal. To be invited into that space was an honour. It is such a great feeling to know that I had a positive impact on her labour. I was able to help and to be thanked for my efforts, to be enveloped in a huge hug after baby was born, was amazing.

It was quite an emotional experience and I had tears running down my face when the baby was born. It is something I will never forget. It was incredible. Welcome to the world, little man.

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  1. Yea!! Congrats! I'm glad it went well! It seems to me that you're definitely doing something you enjoy.