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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back to running (Week 5 Run 1)

It's that time of year, the time when the urge to get moving really kicks in. During my recent shopping extravaganza (3 hours and hundreds of dollars spent) I was in one change room with almost 360 mirrors. What a sight! If the quickly approaching bikini season was getting me thinking about getting active, seeing my entire naked body like that was a huge kick in the pants. Oof.

I grew up playing team sports, and that was good and everything, but now I'm horrible at exercising for me. Without the demands of a team - the schedule, the team mates, the shared end goal - I lack motivation. I don't miss team sports as much as I thought I would, having played them for over 20 years, but I do miss how I was guaranteed to be doing some sort of activity multiple days a week just by signing up. In that sense it was a no-brainer.

I haven't played team sports for a few years now and I know that I need to be accountable or I won't exercise. I know this about myself so I did what I had to do and signed up for a race. A 5K race at the end of the month. This means I need to start running. I looked at my calendar and realized that I have four weeks until the race so I put the free Couch to 5K app (C25K Free) on my phone and went out for my first run.

My first run. On April 1st. In a snowstorm.

IMG_3571-001 (Medium)

The snow didn't last long and other than the wind it was a pretty nice out there. This is the same C25K app I used last summer/fall while training for another 5K. It's an 8 week program where you go from practically walking for 30 minutes to running the entire time. I have 4 weeks to train so I skipped ahead and started with Run 1 of Week 5 which consisted of:

- a 5 minute warm up (most of which I skipped.. I'm not big on brisk walking)
- a 5 minute jog
- 3 minutes walking
- 5 minutes jogging
- 3 minutes walking
- 5 minutes jogging
- and a 5 minute cool down (it took me 3 minutes to get home so that was that)

I don't use GPS but mapped it out afterward and found out I went about 3K. Not bad for my first time out. I got home and stretched and opened up another app for pushups (Pushups Free) and did 56 pushups. The 5 minute program alternated between knee pushups, incline pushups and regular ones. I didn't have a good spot for the incline ones and the full on pushups hurt so bad so I stuck mostly to knee pushups, which are fine as long as you keep the right form.

I'm hoping to run 3 times a week and do the pushup workout afterwards. My goal is to complete the 5K at the end of the month and after that, who knows. I'll have to find another race.

Give it all you've got because you never know if there's going to be a next time.

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