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Friday, April 12, 2013

A little Friday ramble

Today's been a day. We're almost midway through April and we had to stay in today because of the weather. Freezing rain and snow and yuck.

Before 9:30am we had watched some tv, had breakfast, had a bath, and I painted the kids' nails.

Before 12:30pm we had read books, played, baked cookies, and had lunch.

Before 4pm we had played more, napped, watched a bit of tv, did laundry.

I'm skipping my run today in favour of staying in my comfy clothes and taking some extra time on the computer during daylight hours. I'm making an easy dinner and can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can watch some tv.

Tell me next week it will warm up again. The glimpse of spring we got last week was such a teaser.

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