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Thursday, March 21, 2013

September 2009

IMG_3428 (Medium)
Five September 2009 babies plus Little K.

When I found out I was pregnant Christmas Day in 2008 I joined a group on a baby/pregnancy website. This group was full of Canadian women expecting in September 2009. We shared the ups and downs of pregnancy: first the sorrow of loss when people miscarried, then the triumph of making it through the first trimester, the relative upswing of the second trimester, and the physical pains of the third. Then in September we celebrated each birth, each new baby. We shared our birth stories and pictures.

The years following we shared sleep-deprived days and debated bottle vs. breast and cloth vs. disposable. We talked the best gear and celebrated baby milestones. Our babies sat up and rolled over, learned to walk and talk, and became little people.

Today, four years later, five of us met up. Five 3 and a half year olds and five younger siblings got together under one roof. It was chaotic and fun and a little surreal. It's strange meeting people from the internet, but we've shared so much over the years that it feels like we know each other.

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They had a big playroom in the basement with toys everywhere. The kids were in heaven.

Little J took a liking to Little A and is now calling her his girlfriend, not that he can remember her name half the time. They played together all day and did things like jumping from an ottoman to the couch.

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The kids played and decorated easter egg cookies in the morning, we all ate lunch and then got the kids in their winter gear because our host, E, set up an egg hunt for the kids in the backyard. It was fun to watch all these little people race around in the snow looking for eggs. I spent most of my time shadowing Little K and picking her up when she fell.

IMG_3423 (Medium)

Little J and Little K just loved the swings. I had to drag them back inside with my I-mean-business-mom-voice.

IMG_3438 (Medium)

There was a lot of playing and baby holding and eating and only a few tears. It was really nice to get together. We even managed to get a good picture of the kids sitting on the couch together. I'm still riding a high from the good times today and I hope that we can get together again.

Now I can say from experience that 10 kids under 4 under one roof is chaos!

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