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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Play Time Cafe

Our last un-blogged-until-now activity from two weeks ago!

On a whim  I took the kids to Play Time Cafe in Manotick. It hasn't been open long, and I remember being so excited when I heard a kid-friendly coffee shop was opening so close to home. It was better than I imagined.

IMG_5620 (Medium)

The first thing I noticed was the super bright green walls and then my eyes wandered around to the toys and puzzles and comfy chairs and couches and the high chairs everywhere. This was obviously a clean, kid-friendly, cozy place.

It had a play area that was gated off but surrounded with half walls so you could see the kids from almost everywhere in the place. There were also toys and stations (for lack of a better word) set up here and there like this princess table the kids loved with a hidden cubby full of blocks.

IMG_5623 (Medium)

I picked up a chocolate milk and healthy cookies for the kids and smiled when I was handed plastic dishes. My kids are picky eaters so we didn't stay for lunch but I really want to try a panini.

IMG_3023 (Medium)

The kids loved Play Time Cafe and ask to go there all the time. I loved that it's close by, clean, with great food and nice staff. We will definitely be back. 

IMG_3022 (Medium)

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