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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day isn't a big deal for me. I used to go out and drink a green beer and have a good time, but now it's just another day. Pretty much, except I feel like I should be doing something for the kids, so they grow up excited about random "holidays".

So I put on my big girl pants and made a craft for them: they decorated green paper clover leafs and loved it. They are easy to please.

Then I decided to try these marshmallow pops from the All Parenting site that I came across on Twitter. Ours didn't look as perfect as the ones on the site, but again the kids loved this little activity. They didn't care that our colours weren't exactly St. Paddy's Day green. We did them Saturday and Sunday because they were so quick and easy and such a crowd pleaser.

IMG_3341 (Medium)

Saturday I froze the marshmallows like the site suggests but didn't Sunday and they worked just as well so feel free to skip that step if you ever decide to make them. For the record, these are super sweet and sprinkle overload for an adult, but the kids were quite happy with all that sugar.

I also tried to get the kids excited and in the St. Patrick's Day spirit by having us all wear green. Little J was having none of it but Little K was a trooper. My shirt was a dark green and J's shirt was more brown than green but we tried.

IMG_3356 (Medium)

Maybe next year I'll rock the socks off this silly holiday, or maybe I'll wear a green shirt, thrown some sprinkles on a marshmallow, and call it a day.

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