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Friday, March 15, 2013

Little K 24 months = 2!!

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My little girl is 2. She's pretty amazing - fun, funny, smart, sweet. She says some of the funniest things and is always concerned about whether people are happy. She's super affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses and signing I Love You.

She has continued getting more and more girly but I have to admit I had a huge smile on my face watching her light up when she put on her princess costume, a birthday gift from our neighbours. She was mesmerized by Snow White who came to a friend's birthday party, loves her Cinderella doll and is obsessed with Minnie Mouse.


Big news: we moved Little K to a big girl bed (we converted her crib) and it went so well. I was putting a comforter on the floor beside her bed in case she fell out, but have stopped. I found her on it once but I think she actually got out and was sitting on it. She loves the freedom and Sandy the cat loves being able to nap in the sunshine. 

The week before her birthday Little K had a bad cold and I was worried she was going to miserable for her party. She was fine. I think her teeth might be bothering her because her little fingers are always in her mouth. She still needs her second set of molars.

She had a weird accident where she feel into the end of the door and cut up her mouth. There was a lot of blood and tears, but she's a trooper. Nothing a little ice pack can't help. She loves her brother's ice pack!


You know, I'm not sure Little K hit any milestones this month. She's just doing more of the same and getting a bit better at everything. She walks, she runs, she climbs, she falls, she talks and reads and sings.


Little K is well on her way to being a "milk baby". She doesn't eat much but loves milk, straight from the tap or cow's milk in her cup. Don't get me wrong, she still eats but she definitely likes milk best.


Her speaking is coming along and some of the words she mispronounced have morphed into the right ones. Words like funny used to be "hunny" and yes used to be "yeah".
Here are some of the funny things that came out of Little K's mouth this month:

- I'm not small. I'm getting bigger and bigger every day!

- I like my cat, mama!
- I like my big girl bed. I get in. I get out. I jump on it.
- I'm ready to bed, mama!
- She always calls cheeks rosy red cheeks.


About the same as always, though she was up more often with the cold. We're going to work on her sleeping through the night but nothing like crying-it-out. She's old enough to be reasoned with so we're talking about how sleep is important and nice and how she's getting older.


Little K will have her 2-year doctor appointment about a month after her birthday, but I measured her at home and she's not quite 24 pounds and is a bit taller than 34 inches. She wears 2T clothing and size 5 or 6 shoe. 


Little K is so much fun even when she's full of attitude and makes me smile all the time.

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