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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless{ish} Wednesday - Car naps and car batteries

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This morning started early with both kids ready for breakfast at 7am. Wednesdays are Little J's preschool days so an early start isn't a bad thing - less rushing around. We had a typical morning: breakfast, getting ready, getting out the door, dropping Little J at preschool.

He didn't cry. Aside: last week too and I didn't realize how much it hurt my heart until I walked out of there last week feeling so light and happy. My boy is adjusting.

I took Little K to drop off Little J's school registration forms then we went to Costco. It hadn't opened so we walked around the pet store first. Did our shopping just like normal.

My plan was to drop off the groceries at home and go get Little J. Because of the early morning, Little K fell asleep on the way home. Change of plans: car naps in the preschool parking lot with a trunk full of groceries.

10:45am: I'm watching people park and walk past with their yoga mats while playing a game on my phone.

11:05am: I'm frantically emailing J and then texting both his parents because the car battery just died. I had forgotten to turn out the lights while I sat there.

Thankfully J's parents are awesome and agree to come help me. We go in and get Little J, get a report from his teachers that he's doing well but that he doesn't talk and do I ask him lots of questions? I laugh. He doesn't stop talking but he's shy. I tell her this is his first time being away from me, his first activity on his own. She says he's doing fine.

Back outside, get the kids buckled in, wait for help to arrive. Car gets boosted, we get home, groceries are fine, kids get lunch and we move on. (I really do have the best in-laws ever.)

During all this I realize just how clueless I am. I don't know how to boost a car. I didn't even know where the hood-release was. I am so reliant on J for things like this it's comical. It's not that I can't learn, I just don't. He takes care of car things, and garage things and shed things, and basically anything outside or technical. I take care of housey things and remembering what size clothes the kids wear, and I make our appointments and do groceries. We have completely divided our tasks but I'm not sure we're conquering.

I have a new item on my bucket list (that doesn't really exist): learn how to boost a car. I already learned where the hood-release is. And I damn well know how to get things done, just not how to do them myself.

All that so my baby girl could have a little nap.

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  1. I love the comfort of having CAA. I do know that I too need to learn these things myself. I wonder if they have a car maintnance for women class.